A few FO's!

The past few days, I’ve finished 2 projects! The Embossed Leaves socks from the Favorite Socks book, and a Daisy baby cardigan from knitty.

The Embossed Leaves socks were knit with STR lightweight in the Little Bunny Foo Foo colorway. The yarn is too busy for the pattern, but I still love the way it turned out! I got a little distracted while working the leg of sock 2, and that socks’ leg ended up being 1/2 inch longer. instead of doing 1/2 a repeat then starting the heel, I did another full repeat and then started the heel. sad thing is that I didn’t even notice until I was almost finished with the foot of the sock.

The cardigan is simple divine… your friend must be thrilled! I hope she gets some really cute buttons. Hope we get to see a ‘baby-in-cardy’ picture one day!
Great job on the socks also :slight_smile:

The socks are cool and I love the baby cardigan.

What a precious little sweater and the socks look great too!:yay:

Wow, I definitely love them both! I wasn’t sure if I’d like that kind of yarn with the leaves pattern because I thought it might take away a little too much, but I actually think that it gives a really cool effect. I think they look sophisticated :thumbsup: Great work!

Awwww I love that sweater! I’ve never done bottom up… :think:

Great job!! :balloons: Your socks are so pretty, I’d wear them without shoes just to show them off :teehee:

Very nice! I am currently on the collar part of that baby sweater myself, only I am going to add the hood.


The cardigan is so cute, and I love the pattern of the socks. You did a great job on them!

ooo ooo i have a question! i see that you used caron simply soft (worsted weight) for the daisy baby cardigan. the pattern calls for butterfly, which is a dk weight yarn. i have a TON of simply soft that it just waiting to be used and i was wondering if it affected the size of the sweater a lot.

no, it didn’t affect the size, but Simply soft is a little on the thin side for a worsted and I’m a tight(ish) knitter, so my guage was spot on.

Everyone, THANK YOU for the compliments on my FO’s!!

:slight_smile: awesome…thank you!

Oh, the cardigan is so sweet!!! And the socks simply gorgeous…

hehe…this morning I made something really cute to give with the cardigan! A Bunny blanket buddy! I used the leftovers from the cardigan and some scrap sock yarn for the face. Now, I get to make one for DD, who is smitten with the bunny.

I like all three of your projects. The color of the little sweater is really nice, and you did a great job on the knitting. The brown variegated yarn is perfect for your socks. They look very “autumn”. The pink bunny looks soft and huggable, no wonder DD wants one.

the baby cardigan is really pretty. I have a ufo that is a hooded baby cardigan. all it needs is to be blocked sewn together and the button plackets(sp?) knitted. for some reason, the blocking is got all bent out of shape. it’s been sitting for at least 10 months. I have good friend who is expecting in nov. and would love to finsih it for her, any suggestions to help me with my intimidation of the word blocking?