A Few FOs

Some things I have completed recently.

The sweater was for my Mom using theElegant Cardigan pattern and Red Heart “Casual Cot’n Blend” in creamy.

The blue socks were my first pair knit using Silver’s Sock Class (Thank you Silver!:hug:) and some extra yarn I had lying around. I think it was a Patons Merino.

The black socks I made for my son using the boyfriend sock pattern (He chose it!), and KP Essential in Black. These were my first toe-up socks and my first short row heel. I know they’re a little big, but he’s only 11, so he’ll grow.

Thanks for looking!

Great job on all three! I love knitting socks, so it’s always fun to see other people’s sock work, and the sweater is just beautiful!

yeah welcome to the wonderful world of sock knitting :cheering: they look fabulous!

Really nice work LadyB!! Love the mom sweater. And I’m so impressed with the socks. I just started my first pair, claimed by one of my daughter’s. They’re all in their 20’s but it’s still “called it first”. And so of course, my son, who’s 23, wants some too, only Black!! Don’t boys know more than half the fun of socks is the cool colors??
How was working on the black yarn? Was it harder on the eyes?

Good job, you must have a great family.

Love the knitting, great job! Neat tattoo, also!

Thanks everyone!

cinnamon_girl, the black wasn’t bad at all, except when knitting at night in poor light. Probably a good thing since my son decided many years ago that black was his favorite color, and so he’s constantly asking for [I]Things In Black[/I]. :rollseyes:

Very very nice and your mom will love the sweater!

Those are great!

I love the cardigan! And aren’t socks just great?

Hi :waving:

Wonderful! And thanks so much for posting the photos of your works as well as the links! Your work is fab! :cheering::cheering::cheering:

Socks look great. I really like the sweater–she’s a lucky lady.