A few FOs! :o)

Hopefully this works… if not I’ll have to come back and edit later!

Mitts for Grandma

Mitts for Mom

My Hat

My latest Cowl

Aunts Cowl

Mom’s Cowl

Hat for a former teacher

And James’ Hat

Your photos will display if you put “” after the link. (Don’t put the quotation marks.)

I fixed your first link to see if it would work. You’ll have to type in the link again, so the hyperlink is not there before it will work properly.

You can also insert photo links by clicking the “insert image” button that looks like this:

Wow Evan - you sure are cranking out the FO’s! I’m jealous (and alot slower lol!) They all look fabulous :thumbsup:

Very nice work! :thumbsup:

I sent you a PM.

Yeah, I actually realized they were too large last night after I posted, but didn’t want to resize them so that’s why I just included links ;o) Hopefully I’ll have a little time later today to fix that… but I have to get ready for tonights knitting event at the local brewery!

wow is right! I really like the first and last one’s…your hat and someone else’s! great job on all!

Okay, that’s fine. Thanks! :thumbsup:

I went knitting tonight, too!

Wow, I can hear your needles clicking form here…Looking great.

Wonderful work Evan! Your needles must be smokin’!

Hey there Evan!

I re-sized all except Aunts Cowl. I used Photobucket a couple of years ago, but I had to[I] manually re-size the pixels[/I] (using my Microsoft Office Picture Manager) [I]before uploading them [/I]into my Photobucket. What a hassle! Photobucket doesn’t seem to have ‘re-sizing’ software, at least not in the Free Version. I could be mistaken about that.

However, I use Flickr now. When I upload a photo from my 'puter into my Flickr folder, it automatically makes it internet friendly. After it’s uploaded into my Flickr folder, there are options to COPY IMAGE LOCATION in numerous pixel sizes: the original size, and 4 additional smaller sizes. If you chose one of the smaller sizes to right click/COPY IMAGE LOCATION…it will post here at KH in that smaller size.

Last night, I mentioned the use of your Ravelry photos…however…that may be a misuse of Rav’s bandwidth. Like, we’d be using their bandwidth to post HERE. I think it might be called hotlinking. I’m not real sure but better safe than sorry.

Why don’t you open a FREE Flickr account? It really does work easier with forums. Especially Rav.

You don’t have to close down your Photobucket. Just start uploading current stuff from your 'puter into your new Flickr account. I left my Photobucket as is…but loaded all new photos from then on into FLICKR!

Thanks SO SO much Dollyce!!! I knew there had to be an easier way than sitting down with my editing software… I was thinking I could probably change my import settings on my camera - hopefully I’ll still be able to get that figured out!!!

I’ve been able to make 3-4 small projects per week lately, most of which I’m trying to get done in time for the Holidays!! :oD

I actually just started a helmet liner to send overseas to the troops today. The pattern is pretty simple, though I’m NOT looking forward to the picking up of 60 stitches around the face.

If all goes well I plan on knitting a couple more of those though… I have a few friends who are soldiers and I can only imagine how much they would appreciate a nicely knitted wool helmet liner for the winter!

Wow! Bus busy busy!!! Those are all so great. :cheering: :happydance: I was thinking about doing that lacy cowl. Have it in my queue. I’m just trying to think of the perfect person to gift it to.

Way to go Evan! Everything looks awesome! I agree with the others - your needles must be sending out smoke signals! Holy Cow!! Great job!

Holy Smokes Evan!!! Every one of them is beautiful!

P.S. Can I be your mom? :teehee:

Great work. I have been wanting to make some armwarmers. Is there a pattern for your and James’ hat?

Yep the pattern for those hats is called “Hurricane Hat”. It’s probably one of the easiest hats in the world because you don’t even have to worry about what row you’re on. In fact after you finish the first (or in my case second) row of pattern you can just look down to see where the purl was and make your purl happen one stitch sooner!

They are all beautiful…all your family will be toasty warm this winter

Wow, you’ve been super busy, what a prolific set of FOs! Lovely all of them, what lucky family/friends/teachers you have!