A few Christmas Ornaments

Thought I’d show you a few Christmas Ornaments I knit up this year. I couldn’t post them sooner as I was waiting for some of them to get where they were going (a fellow KHer!). What fun they were to knit, I’m going to try to make some over the course of the year so I have them ready for next Christmas :slight_smile:

They are all very cute.

I got some of these in the mail from Chris and they are SOOOO cute! :woot: Chris was my ‘surprise theme’ swap partner a couple of months ago.

They are all so cute. I want to make those for next year’s Christmas. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the comments. I wish I had thought of starting them a little earlier than I did, I got better at them as I went (forgot to take pictures of the last batch before I gave them away). They make a nice break from larger projects and just one of them is a nice “small gift” for those people you don’t really buy for but do want to acknowledge. Plus, I have to knit some for myself as I gave all of them that I made away lol.


What precious ornaments! You did a wonderful job!

Way to cute :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

They’re adorable! :slight_smile:

:passedout: to cute! They look wonderful