A dropped stitch with a stitch in the middle?

Hi all, I am hoping someone out there can help me out. I am almost done with my 1st Premie Square when I noticed there was a dropped stitch but there is a stitch in the middle and I have no idea how to fix it. I checked out Amy’s video but it is for a dropped stitch only otherwise I could have fixed it.

Here are a couple of pictures

Thank you for any and all help you can give me!

It looks to me that the st on the left needle (directly below the lead point) needs to come undone. I’d take that st out and use a crochet hook to pull the loop from the unsharpened pencil through the loop that you took the first out of … does that make sense… :??

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
Let’s see if a picture makes that any better…


I’ve had something similar happen or I think so based on your pix. I had to take crochet hook and fix the stitch.

The video on fixing mistakes might help. Take a look at the other stitches and see how the loops go, too.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! :cheering: I may seem a little silly about it but it stumped for a day or two and my last knitting class was Wednsday (well my teacher is going on a month long trip to Ireland) And I really want to finish this so I can start a new one with a new pattern. Now I think I can do it YAY!

I am off to :XX:

You’re welcome! :thumbsup:

Have fun!!