A Dream-----Come True

Yesterday I stopped into the very small, very dingy LYS. My friend works there and I just stopped in to say hello. I commented that while I enjoyed visiting her, the shop left a lot to be desired. You cannot ever find enough of any yarn to make a complete sweater, throw, etc. My friend then showed me the “BACK ROOM”. Oh, my God, I died and went to heaven.
The shop owner(who never works in the shop) has told the employees not to put out any new yarn until the customers buy the old stuff. Please understand, this old yarn came with the shop when she bought it 8 years ago. There are bags of yarn in the BACK ROOM that she ordered, some five years ago, some five months ago.
I gathered all the self control I could muster and told my friend I would look over my patterns this week-end and return next week to shop the BACK ROOM. God help my Visa card!!

I think I just like saying THE BACK ROOM. It makes me happy! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Either this owner is a foolish businesswoman, or the biggest yarn hoarder of them all! I thought MY stash was bad. :shock:

I wanna go to the back room too :waving: :drooling: !

OOOOHHHHHH…back room…sounds top secret and scary, both at the same time!!!


Ingrid, you called that one right. I doubt she will be in business much longer. She has said she will not be part of the Village-wide sidewalk sales. No advertising, no mailing list----no business skills.
I owned a needlepoint store in town and I tried to get her to join me in some type of promotions. “No----that’s a waste of money.”


See, I think that she just wants to get the yarn wholesale. She’s never at the store because she’s home, knitting, with a gleeful smile on her face. It’s not that she didn’t want to advertise–she didn’t want to SHARE! She opened the store because she ran out of closet space, too. :wink:

:roflhard: That may be the best stash enrichment excuse I have ever HEARD! :roflhard: