A discount that everyone deserves

[SIZE=“4”]The holidays are approaching and I wanted to offer a discount of[/SIZE] [COLOR=“Purple”][FONT=“Impact”][SIZE=“5”]20% off[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR] [SIZE=“4”]off my already low price swift. Here is the discount code [/SIZE][COLOR=“Blue”][B][FONT=“Impact”][SIZE=“5”]Knittinghelp20[/SIZE][/FONT][/B][/COLOR]:yay: :woohoo:


I am often asked, “Why should I purchase one of your swifts, when there are many swifts available for half the price?” I will let the comments of my clients speak for themselves.:knitting:

Here is a response that I received from one of my clients who was simply frustrated after purchasing her 3rd swift, from a competitor, in a six month time frame.

“I got the swift and absolutely love it, my husband who is an engineer even remarked about how well it was designed and put together. Thank you, Vaughn R of Texas.”

Here is another response from Jessica who is professional at Tatting and Hand Dyeing yarn and thread.

“OMG. This is the most amazing swift ever. I am incredibly happy with it. It spins so smoothly and easily adjustable. When I am done winding skeins for the day I can pop the dowels out and the swift packs up for easy storage. I am super happy with it. Jessica - Washington”