A Couple Thread Doilies

Happy Saturday Morning everyone:cheering:! While doing some “computer housecleaning” this morn, I came across something in my photo-bucket which I thought I would share. I think it’s wonderful that we have a crochet forum on our knitting forum because these are my two favorite forms of needle arts. Though I am only a newbie to knitting, I have been crocheting with thread for over 30 years (I’m [I]only[/I] 41):think: But anyway, thanks for looking. P.S. [COLOR=red]These[/COLOR] are just 2 of at least 100 :shrug:

:cheering:Nice work. If these are only two what are the rest like? Have you crochet anything else yet?

Hi MathWizard. I hope I did this correctly and these pic’s are not too big. I just recently bought my first digital camera so I have only a few shots of some of my FO’s. I have also made many afghans for my kids. One of my favorite places to find doily patterns (vintage) is [COLOR=red]Celt’s Vintage Crochet[/COLOR]. She has a plethora of patterns there. Some are in vintage terms however, but there are a few places on the net where you can decipher the “old” abbreviations to the new.


Your work is Gorgeous!

I’ll flip ya for the Teddy Bear, LOL :lol:

FYI…Actually, the Teddy Bear is wrapped in tissue paper and gently tucked away in a shoebox. I would be willing to make a trade (I hope I’m allowed to say that here as I don’t want to break any rules). If interested, please PM me. Thanks for the nice compliments!

[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Wow, nice work…it’s nice to see someone else crochets with thread…I do to…however, I have given my away as gifts and to my daughter…I always seem to do it for others…I have yet to do any for myself…I am working on one now for my daughter who loves purple, I love this one…Victoria Rose Heirlooms, I would love to make that one…I have never done one with flowers like that…I’m not sure how to do it, even though I have been crocheting for 37 yrs as I will be 50 next month…I could look through all my books, but that would take forever with as many books as I have dating way back…so maybe you could direct me to a place for that pattern…
It is really nice to meet someone who does threads…I love my threads…love yarn too, but love how thread looks…I do a lot of Barbie stuff in threads…I’m sorry, I could just on and on…
Thanks in advance…[/COLOR]

Cynthia- I’m not quite sure which one you are making reference to but the solid white with the mesh square in the center is a design by Rosanne Kropp and the pattern can be found in the March 2003 issue of Crochet! magazine. The Ecru shell-stitch doily with the Orchid pink roses around the outer edges (Fans & Roses) is a design by Ellen Anderson Eaves and can be found in the Sept/Oct 1999 issue of Hooked on Crochet! (Annies Attic). Hope this helps. Believe me, I also could rattle on for endless hours talking about [I]thread crochet! [/I]I have 4 daughters for which I crochet “heirloom” (hopefully appreciated) doilies. For my eldest (now 15), I have started a pineapple edging for a queen-size bed linen set (inspired from Victoria Trading Co.). These are/will be all safely tucked away in their Hope Chest’s for the future. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to PM or email me.

wow those are so beautiful. I really hope to get good enough to try thread crochet. My Mother in law just gave me two sets of pot holders made by her aunt in the 40’s that are just beautiful thread crochet. They are actually on display here at home and I’d never dream of “using” them- they are like art!! I was afraid those types of patterns were gone forever!! So if I can find crochet! and Hooked on crochet I might find patterns?

do you have advice on beginning patterns or anything? Any particular brands of thread you like best?

I’m working on a doily-type pattern from Crochet Today ( I think) that is going to be a pillow front- but as I’m a beginner and I’m trying to see all the stitches clearly, I’m using regular kitchen cotton. (I’m aware it will be bigger and not as delicate- but I wanted to try to read the chart properly!)

I’d love any advice… MKZ

[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Victorian Rose,

Orchid pink roses around the outer edges with the green in it, is the one I am thinking of…I think I have that one (Sept/Oct 1999 issue of Hooked on Crochet! (Annies Attic) as I was a member for a long time… My mother started it for me back in 82, and I kept it up since and joined the Calander Dolls etc…If I don’t have it, I guess I will be going back to Annies Attic as I just place an order the other day with her…I love her…

I have this Leisure Arts little book. The name is Delightful Doilies.
I also want to make this dolly but not sure how…if you go to leisurearts.com type in the book #75024 in the search this site, it will pop up…if you don’t mind looking at it…the roses are in the middle…3 of them…

I have read it, and will try it, practice makes perfect… practice, practice, practice…but would love any tips you have to offer to better understand how to do this…if not, that’s ok…[/COLOR]

marykz & Cynthia (and others who are interested)! Please visit my Blog for answers to your questions regarding the subject matter in your posts. I can give you more datailed info there without taking up sooooooooooooo much space here. Thanks again and I’m more than happy to help in any way!

Thanks, but I have already been to your blog before I posted, and it didn’t help…nice blog though… :slight_smile: I will just keep searching for my answers or a tutorial…

Actually, what I [I]meant[/I] to say is that I will publish a post today, answering the questions you have. My kids invaded my space last night and I had to give up the computer. Sorry about that. Please do check my blog a bit later. It should be published by this evening.:pray:

[COLOR=“DarkRed”][B][I]Just went to your blog…nice job, left you a comment…I hope you got my email ok…been busy getting all my crafts books, fabric, yarns and threads together…trying to organize my craft room…painted it, put shelves up and my table for sewing, but lost. Have a lot of WIP too! Any ideas for organizing a craft room?[/[/I][/B][/COLOR]

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: ME? :roflhard: Actually, yea I do, just let me organize my thoughts first :think:

[COLOR=“Red”][I]hahahaha…laughing really hard I see…glad I could make somebody laugh…LOL, anyway, thanks for anything you come up with…I have never had a place for my craft stuff, but now that I have an empty nest, I have 3 extra rooms…think that is enough to store stuff…LOL…really I am only using one room…although my stuff is still all over…trying to pull it all together…
talk to you later…you got mail… :slight_smile: [/I][/COLOR]

Wow, wow, wow!!! Your work is beautiful. I really like the needlecase you came up with (actually, I really like everything, but being an embroiderer too!). I’ve never seen one crocheted. Its such an original idea.

Thanks for sharing. You do amazing work.:yay:

[B]newwooley[/B], thanks for your kind compliments, but unfortunately the only one I can take full credit for being [I]MY[/I] original is the Bride Bear. Here is something for you, and anyone else interested. The lady who designed the needle case has a WONDERFUL free pattern site [COLOR=red]here[/COLOR]. She has been around for many years (at least 10 that I’m aware of), and I’m really happy to see that her site has not gone to “[I]the web archive[/I]”! I also do hand embroidery, ribbon embroidery, and some crazy quilting. If you visit my blog, I have several links to free vintage patterns, on-line mags, and am getting ready to post some GREAT Christmas stuff. July is the perfect time to start getting into the spirit!!! Okay, enough rambling…Enjoy! :happydance:

[COLOR=red]Crochet Needle-Case[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]Crochet Scissor-Cover[/COLOR]

[I][COLOR=“DarkRed”]Hello Becky,
I have been trying to sign up on your yahoo group, but I haven’t gotten a reply since I sent email saying I’m not a spammer etc…I tried to answer the ?s it asked…it would be under my yahoo account, SwtTxCyn…I know you are busy…thanks in advance…[/COLOR][/I]

Hi Cynthia, sent you an email re: the Yahoo group. Not [I]MY [/I]group…just a link to a site. Noel may not be accepting new members at this time, or has not been available to monitor her group due to health reasons. Sorry 'bout that, but I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.

[I][COLOR=“DarkRed”]I sent you email as well…I am so embarrassed…I sent another one to Noel too…[/COLOR][/I]