A couple questions please

hi i am starting anew project today which is more ambitious for me not just knit purl lol. anyway i am reading through the pattern and have some questions:

  1. what does it mean when it say knit, working into back of every row?

  2. what are the * symbals in the pattern i.e * yo, k1, rep from * to end row. i see * symbal in a lot of patterns so figure i need to know what it means lol .

Thanks in advance and i am sure i will be posting more questions in near futer :aww:

It would help if we knew what the pattern was so if you have a link that would be nice. At the very least the name of the pattern.

I’m assuming that means knitting through the back loop so… When you knit into the back of the stitch you are twisting it. Here’s a video of how it’s done.

The asterisks mean you continue with what it says between the asterisks only. For instance if it says- K1 YO, k2tog across row - you would knit the first stitch only then YO k2tog across the rest of the row.

Make sense?

You might want to bookmark KH’s glossary in case you come across some other abbreviations and symbols you don’t understand. Until I got most of the basic knitting jargon down, I was constantly searching this glossary to figure out what something meant.

The explanations and videos are very helpful! Thanks Amy and Sheldon for such a great site.

I’m not sure that this means to knit into the back of the stitches–it’s worded kind of funny for that. What are you making? As Jan said, a link to the pattern is very helpful.

firstly thankyou for answering my previous questions and i apologise for not posting a link ect.

I am knitting a bunny blanket buddy and your previous answers have helped alot the link is posted below


i am now at row 64: it says to * P1, sl 1, rep from * across row. Repeat row 64 until head measures 3 1/2 in (9cm).

i understand the purl 1 and i think sl 1 is slipp 1 but have never done this before. am i decreasing my 28 stitches down to 9 cm or am i knitting a 9cm piece for the head???. i have looked at the video help and can find a few that mention sl but not in this context any help or a link to a good video would be greatfully received

Oops! Your link told me that “The page you’ve requested does not exist!” Is it one of these? Pick a bunny blanket!

You’re not decreasing. You’ll knit to the length specified. To slip a stitch, insert the right needle purl-wise and just move the stitch to the right needle without working it. If you slip some knit-wise the stitch will be twisted and you can untwist it when you come to it on the next row. I think there is a video for slipping a stitch here. Bunny blankets are cute, good project!

Here’s the link and these buddies are indeed adorable

and the video for slip stitch purlwise.

Knit into front and back of each st across row

Is this what you’re asking about? Knit front and back is an increase.

Knit front and back video.

For some reason the videos aren’t playing for me, I’ll have to find out why, I hope they do for you.

ETA I got the videos playing again!

just want to say thankyou for all your help i finished the bunny blanket today just got to learn to do the stitching for the face i am sure there will be a video somewhere xxx

Here’s one video for satin stitch that could be used for the eyes and nose. I find it’s easier to do the embroidery before stuffing the head but you could do it before or after stuffing.

Love to see a photo of the finished buddy!