A couple of WIPs and FO- Now finally with some pics :)

hi everyone, i’ll try to post some pics later but here’s what i’m working on:

a sweater for my daughter : it doesn’t look exactly like the pic but its my first time working with multi colored yarn (dont remember the name :oops: ) but it still looks pretty good. its also my first sweater.

2 afghans. one i’m almost done with. my little cousin seen me working on it and she liked it so much so i’m gonna give it to her :).

the other one i’m planning of finishing it up so i can give it to my friend who’s having a baby in September.

I just finished a pair of socks for my husband using fixation cascade (or the other way around?) yarn and he loved them and wore them once to the gym to work out and after i washed them they shrunk big time i’m so disappointed :frowning:

oh well. i’ll try and post pics later :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see your pictures! Everything sounds so nice. Sorry about the shrinking sock…I guess this is why we are supposed to wash our gauge swatches, huh?! (I never do, perhaps I should start, huh?!)

i finally got those pics :slight_smile:

so the pink feather and fan afghan was originally supposed to be for my friend who’s havin a baby end of september but I liked it too much and decided to make it for myself :teehee:

thats the shrunken sock from the sock class for my husband, oh well at least i got the practice.

thats is a sweater is for my daughter, but i have no idea how it will come together lool. the stripes arent even striped or whatever.

and the rainbow blanket i was making just to make. i liked it so i doubled the pattern. my little cousin seen me working it on the other day and liked it a lot so i told her i will give it to her for her birthday in oct. WELLLLLLLL my 2 year old wants it big time. everytime she sees it she hugs it and says its mine. so i guess i’ll be making another one lol. i’ve got about 6 rows left then the fringe but i’ll be allllllll done. my first big project!!!

sorry for talking so much :slight_smile:

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I’m soooooo happy. I just got finished with the rainbow blanket and i loveeeee it. it feels awesome to finish such a big project!!! i still have some of the fringe to do but i was too excited!!!


Nice work!! :cheering:

I LOVE the colors and the design is so lovely…I also love the fuzzy haired baby sweater…OOHHHHLA LA!!!

Everything looks great! :thumbsup:

thank you guys for your kind words. i’m almost done with the sleeves of the sweater so i just have to figure out how the heck to attach them lol.