A couple of Berets and a slipper socks

I decided yesterday that I was going to knit for myself, I’ve been wanting to make a red beret. However, my hat skills are wonky I usually come up with a hat that will not fit who it is suppose to (and one is so large it fits no one).

The red beret isSpring Beret
It’s a ravelry free download
Yarn: KP’s Andean Silk in Holly berry, first time using this yarn and it was really nice and soft.
YAY it fits me too although my little girl is showing it off and giving the peace sign. Very fast knit too

The other beret is the Purl Beret
I made this last year but forgot about it till I finished up yesterday’s…anyways it fits my 5yr old but she is happy so that is all that counts. I don’t remember the yarn only that it was a sock yarn.

Lastly, a pair of tropical punch slipper socksfor Martha…she asks for a pair every Christmas as she wears her others till they are wore out. I gave her a pair early this fall when she found out she had to go through Chemo…but decided to make her another pair this weekend for Christmas.
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in 2 colors held together this way she can just throw them in the wash.

Very nice! Berets are in now, too! :thumbsup: Your daughter is so cute!

Gorgeous knits, and gorgeous model!

Very pretty projects!! Love the red beret! Your daughter is adorable. :heart:

Everything looks great. Cute model.

Oh I love that beret! I like how slouchy it is! I downloaded it on Rav AND queued it up!

Your work is wonderful Dustina! Darling little girl, too! Ahhh the days…

Nice stitch on the red beret. The colors worked up very nicely on the hat made of sock yarn. Nice socks for Martha, soft and thick.

Lovely work ! The berets are beautiful :slight_smile:

Love both berets!! And I have to try that Tropical Slipper sock pattern … it’s on my “to do” list but you know how that goes!

:rofl: I sure do…I have so much on that list…hopefully one day I’ll get to them.

The slipper sock pattern goes very fast, I do 16 rounds and then begin the heel. :happydance:

Thanks everyone!! :yay:

Very nice and your daughter is adorable.

I’ve never knitted a beret, but you’re inspiring me to try one.:slight_smile: Very pretty little model!

Those came out so nice! :thumbsup: I especially love the red one! Now to download the pattern…

Ahhh…Your little one is so cute. She looks like she had a fun time modeling. :slight_smile:

I really like your berets and the socks look very cozy.

Oh yes, she loves it when the camera comes out :rofl:

Thank you everyone :hug:

Very nice… I have a friend making the beret and he is worried that it won’t be large enough…looks like it is and that’ll calm his fears. I’ll refer him to your posts and thanks for sharing!!! Merry Christmas to you!

Again, love this hat!!!