A couple o' caps

I knit these for a friend who just started chemo : Swirl knit in Premier Garden Yarn (2 views), Rolled Brim Eyelet (DK) knit in Baby Bee Hombre and my favorite - Chapeau Marnier knit in MicroSpun. You can see more details on Ravelry and the blog.

Very cute! And I’m sure your friend will really appreciate the thought and effort you put into making them for her. Great work! :cheering:

Those are gorgeous!:inlove:

What a great set of hats! All so different, and the yarns are gorgeous colors! Good job!!!

Lovely FO’s! I, too, like the different patterns and yarns :cheering:

So nice…and so thoughtful of you! The last hat is GREAT - love the ribbon :heart:

Thank you. I love the Chapeau Marnier too and think I’ll knit another :inlove: It only took a couple of days to knit.

I love them! They are all gorgeous.

Beautiful!! I especially love “Swirl!” It’s now in my “faves” on Ravelry! :slight_smile: Thank you!

They’re all beautiful! The swirl was my favorite too.