A couple FOs & a silly technical question

I’ve had in-laws visiting for the last five days, so I’ve been hiding in plain sight by working on things. I was so …uh, crazed that I finished off two things since last Wednesday.

The first is a child-size Anthropologie capelet. It was supposed to be grown-up sized, but I didn’t realize that I’d grabbed too-small needles until it was too late. It’s made with one ball of Red Heart Bijou in Diamond, and the button is vermeil with pink and purple enamel my daughter picked out at our LYS. She picked it out quite a while ago, just never had “the most perfect” thing to put it on.

The next is a halter top made with Sapphire Glitterspun; the pattern is from Woman’s Day Quick & Easy Knit and Crochet Ideas. I’m pretty happy with it, and think it would make a nice night out/party type top.

Now here’s my problem and question: In the last year I’ve lost about 50lbs and have gone from a 14 to a 4 and I still make things with the bigger-me in mind. This top is probably about a size 10, I guess. Now, is there anything I can do short of ripping it out and starting over that I can do? Can I seam it up on a sewing machine and trim off excess or would that be stupid? I was also thinking of getting a ribbon and lacing up the back corset-style.

So, knitting smarties that know more than me (oh, heck – anybody!), what do I do? :thinking:

Either way – thanks for looking!

Love the capelet! I just started one for my DD in Malabrigo!

Sssssexy halter too! Was the halter knit in the round or flat and seamed? If it was flat, could you just redo the side seams with a wider seam allowance? I’ve never tried machine sewing something that’s been knit, but I bet somebody here has and could give some advice in that regard. Also I thought about adding a strip of elastic just above the ribbing…or would that make it too “bunchy”?

Thanks! :smiley:

It was knit in the round, then bound off a few stitches and worked back and forth for the top part.

I don’t know if the elastic would make it too bunchy – I wouldn’t mind pinning some in to see. Worth a try, anyway!

Here are some instructions that might help. It’s written in a sarcastic tone which is sort of off-putting, but it sounds like what you’re describing.


That is so cute. I’ve been studying that pattern, never thought of adapting it for my daughter. What size needles were “too small” for the yarn to make it come out like that???

i just made that halter, too. i love the blue for yours.

i havent done the crochet chain, bc ive never done crochet. everyone says im silly for being weirded out about crocheting, but i am. im going to attempt the halter strings today. i can make socks, i can cable now, but crocheting seems w e i r d.

the caplet is gorgeous. was it hard to do?

ps congrats on the weight loss! i struggle with weight and hearing that is an inspiration.

Thanks, guys! :slight_smile:

Newamy – I believe I used US9 needles.

Geekgolightly – The capelet was really pretty easy to do. As far as knitting goes, I guess I’d consider myself an advanced beginner and making it wasn’t too scary at all.

As for your halter, I think casting on is a ton harder than crocheting a chain (to me, it’s knitting that’s still weird!). I bet it’ll be easier than you think! I’d love to see yours when you get it all done! :smiley:

The capelet is soo cute and I love the tank. Hope you can figure out a solution so you can wear it!

Both are lovely!! Kudos on the wt loss! I will leave the alteration answer to those who are more specialized than I :wink:

Adorable! :thumbsup:

I had a similar problem with a top I made. I found some really thin elastic in the fabric sotre (like only a couple of mm wide) and then wove it in around the rib cage in an appropriate spot. You could either hide it or use it as sort of a design feature leaving enough extra to tie a bow in the front or somthing like that. This probably wouldn’t work on every kind of top that had that problem, but I think it may work in your situation becuase of the shape.

Everything is nice!! :thumbsup:

Wow. I asked my 11 year old dd if she wanted a capelet and she said no. But I bet when she see your lovely daughter in hers, shes gonna want a cookie to go with it!

And your crochet ptterns are lovely.

Thanks so much for thye kids caplet idea. After seeing yours I thought what the heck, I’ll try it. I’m still new to knitting and the caplet is the first garment I’ve made other than a hat or a scarf.

So at Mother’s day my DH trying to be nice about this new knitting interst gave me yarn I didn’t much like. Part of it was 2 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun. I don’t like it becasue it was one of the first yarns I ignorantly knitted with and found it difficult. It is a nice light purple. So I’m in the middle of using that and size 8 circ needles ( I don’t have size 9 circs on hand). It’s making a cozy little caplet. It actually is quite cute if a bit chunky. I think I’ll be making this again with some nicer yarn and trying to adapt it here and there. However the Lion Brand one is just right for my daughter (or her friend that I was considering giving it to, but now it’s so cute I’m not sure but what I want to keep it!)