A couple chemo caps

Yes, that is a Barbie head. :roll:

The dusty rose one is from the pattern by our very own Julie for Headhuggers.org I used Cascade Pima Silk for that (85% cotton 15% silk)


For the purple one I adapted this pattern

to knit in the round and used KFI Intermezzo Chunky which is a 100% cotton mercerized, on 10.5 12" inch circulars.

I have a couple more to go. I’m going to jump on Buddha Mom’s bandwagon and do an Odessa (without the beads)


in a green Pima Silk, and I had started (and finished) a her-version Nautilus hat by Marnie Maclean


but it was way huge, even on my big ol’ noggin (I was using Cascade Sierra which was knitting up a tad smaller than the gauge listed so I made bigger size…anyway that’s frogged back to just before the increases). Hopefully I can get those done in the next couple of days.

Very nice! :thumbsup: I really like the purple one … might you share the adapted pattern???

Very nice! The purple is my fave too : )


They are loverly!
Poor little Barbie, being all hidden!

Those look wonderful! :cheering:

How pretty!