A cool thing to add to your knitting

Check this out! These would be so fun to knit into a child’s tank top or to make wrist bands from. The possibilities are endless! Make sure to watch the video on the right side of the screen.

We have a store here in Freeport Maine that sells all that type of stuff it is very cool… actually my knit bag is from there… has a hug sun … black and white until the sun hits it… then beautiful colors… they have flip flops, nail polish, clothing… beads… tons of stuff… very fun! :thumbsup:
(can ya tell I love this store?) lol :sunny:

That neat. I love putting beads on the stuff I knit for my niece. I may just buy some of these.

That’s too cool!

I just had another good idea for them: knit (or crochet) them into a pool cover-up! It would look awseome with some white cotton!

ooo fun!!! i love beads!