A contest

I’ve just posted a contest over on my blog…check it out!


I voted!! Here’s my submission:

I vote for “Laurie”

Laurie is my VERY best friend. We went to high school together & she stuck with me through times of some very bad decision making when I was young and stupid.

Laurie deserves to have SOMETHING named after her. She has dedicated her life to social causes. Among several other worthy organizations, she has worked for Habitat for Humanity, she ran a food pantry, volunteered at a homeless shelter (where her DH was the social services director), and was the Volunteer Coordinator for a Family Literacy program.

Laurie moved to Florida about 2 years ago…I miss her HORRIBLY. But, she is continuing her tradition of making the world a better place to live by organizing fundraising events for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Her DH is a UCC minister and she is very active in creating all kinds of family and community programs for his parish.

In addition, that scarf is pink…Laurie’s mother is a breast cancer survivor (after a mastectomy).

Last, your scarf would be a PERFECT accessory for the warm Florida weather!


Sorry i don’t have a name for the contest, but I just had to comment on your quote/signature. I have been a victim of “knitting while intoxicated” and have warned fellow friends! :smiley:

2. :frowning: Gonna be sad for a second here…She was my best friend’s sister. She died when she was 10. That was 11 years ago. I would love to knit my BFF a scarf that has the name of her sister. She would love it.

Thanks for entering the contest! I’m getting such a great response, I didn’t expect so many replies so soon!

Catknit, yes I learned my lesson and learned it well!!! You know, a sense a book here…!

Here’s my entry,

I would call it Linda…

Linda was my aunt, she died months ago from Breast Cancer that she had off and on for over 10 years. To me, the lacey patern represents the intricate life she led while fighting the good fight. She was a tireless person who organized and sometimes ran a “healing hands” prayer group with her church.

She was a teacher who worked with little ones up to the last moment her body would let her. She touched many people, raised two children into their mid to late teens, one of whom is in College now and the other who is in her last year of high school and has over 4.0 GPA, and has received letters from Baylor University for the past year or two.

She was and continues to be an inspiration to many who knew her and to me since I am also fighting cancer. I think the pink is a perfect Breast Cancer pink, and it is as lovely a lady as Linda was.

I never heard her complain, not once, she always allowed GOD to help her on her journey, she had an incredible amount of faith, and even though she was dying, she was smiling. In my most toughest times for my own health, when I think of Aunt Linda I smile and automatically feel better, because I feel she is still here helping me through.

A truly beautiful person like my Aunt Linda would smile down on a scarf named for her, and would see the pattern like a ladder of hope for others.

Thanks for the contest…here’s hoping! :smiley:

I’ll post it here too…

I entered this morning, and suggested Vi.

Vi was my great aunt, on my step-father’s side. She tried to teach me to knit when I was 13, I just wasn’t ready to be a knitter then. Now, about 24 years later…yes, I will be 37 this year… Here I am now, knitting my little heart out, every time I am sitting still.

I credit Vi with the inspiration to be the knitter I long to be, so, I think Vi would be a great name for your project.

[color=violet][size=6] :thinking: well…this is a most excellent idea, i must say…and, i assure u, my friend, i would NOT want to be in your shoes bc it’s going to be a tough choice, this is already most evident!!! :?? :?? I must give this some thought…I’m hoping that it will come to me in a :zzz: dreamstate. As a matter of fact, I’m off to get some shut eye now and to :pray: to actually get some sleep and pain relief…ahhhh…the name…what shall if be…only time will tell & I think most interesting! :heart: to hear the suggestions.
sweet dreams one & all[/color]

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Actually it’s going to be harder than I thought! I didn’t think this thing through!

Well the entries are amazing and I’m enjoying reading all of them!

I am sure you are getting much more interest than anticipated! Fun idea…I submitted to your blog. Maybe you could make it an on going thing. I don’t even think people would care much about the prize, just the recognition and fun of coming up with a name is enough!

Are you aware that the name ‘Linda’ means ‘beautiful’?

If I get a vote, this is it!

I voted!!!

I didn’t know that – Thanks for letting me know, she had the most beautiful soul. I am sure she is reading this and is smiling…


[color=blue][size=2]The Mod Squad was here[/size] [/color]:thumbsup:

Just reminding you all that today is the last day of my contest!!

[size=6]KellyK crossing all of her crossables[/size]

I hope i got my answer in on time lol I just came across this lol. I would have you use my name but i like The one i choose better lol. I am going to make my first Afghan Vanessa after me lol it is a gift i am making for my mom. Have fun with the names looks like you will be doing a lot of reading lol and trying to choose one. :happydance: :XX: :x: :study: :zzz:

Wellllllllllllllllllll??? When is the big announcement??

I am still crossing all of my crossables, as KellyK says!

Hoping that “Linda” wins!