A comment on smileys

I am in the process of reorganizing them so bear with me as they may move around a bit till I’m completely done. :hug:

That’s fine! Jan, haven’t you recently been made a site admin? Thanks for the work on the smileys!

Thanks Jan! I wondered what was up!!:??

I had noticed a few were moved, but now I know, thanks, Jan!

They are all orgamanized now!! WHOO :woot:

Thanks Jan!

BTW: Just a reminder to folks that you can set your favorite smilies to appear in the editor window by going into the UserCP and clicking on the edit favorite smilies link.

Thanks Sheldon!!

I didn’t know that!! Big Help! :yay:

oooooo thanks ya sheldon! I didn’t know that either!:woohoo:
btw that’s my fave smiley!

Yeah, there are too many features to our new forum that it’s hard to keep track of them all. I am in the process of working on writing up some forum tutorials and perhaps I’ll create a list of the latest and greatest features such as smilies favorites and youtube/google videos.

Sheldon, you, Amy and the Moderators here rock!!:muah::yay::balloons::heart:

Jan, you’re doing a great job!!!:heart::heart::heart:

Oh boy, they are organized so nicely! Much easier to find what you are looking for. :cheering:

I agree:cheering: This is the first fourm that I’ve seen that has them organised into subheadings and it makes it so much better.

Great work!



:thinking: is broken!


I anxiously await your site tutorials. I am so computer challenged. Great idea!


Great work guys. I often wonder what people’s favorite smileys here are. Mine are:


:yay::woot:Oh this is great! Thanks so much - easy to find now :woohoo:

Arielluria-I was going to post my favorite, but I can’t choose! :roflhard:

I’m glad you like it! Remember though that it’s still a work in progress although it will still be similar. A few may move if I think they belong better elsewhere. :wink:

Mine is…


This is often how I feel when I see y’all’s fo’s or when I’m feeling overwhelmed with my college classes.

[LEFT]:thumbsup: Thanks Jan for the organization! :notworthy:[/LEFT]

And the recent rearrangement! Much more cheerful! :teehee:

Now will you head over to my place and organize my stash? Yarn and fabric? My library? My IE Favorites? My wine? My school notes? My music? My pictures? My patterns? My honey dew list?

oh, oh, wait… wake up, you’re having another one of those deliriums, LL… :roflhard: