A Christmas Present Story

I just ordered my Christmas present! I’m getting this:

I can’t wait!! I keep reminding myself that it feels pretty bad not to have presents to unwrap on Christmas morning so that I’m not tempted to start using it as soon as it arrives.

I asked DH to order it for me. Printed out the page with the correct color (chocolate brown) and everything. He got online at midnight Sunday night (I was in bed already) and asked me to help him order it. I told him never mind, I’ll do it myself tomorrow, I’m really tired.

He then proceeded to order a soft-boiled egg cracker from some company in GERMANY! Part of the website was in GERMAN! And yet I idiot-proof my CHRISTMAS GIFT for him and he can’t order it on his own???!!! :doh:

I haven’t asked for a Christmas gift in years and I’m never going to ask for another one. Even my father was better at gift-giving than DH is, that’s saying a lot!

If Margie comes up with a pattern for knitting a lump of coal, I’ll make one just for him!


:rofling: I have to spell out my Christmas gifts too and sometimes they are right and sometimes :shock: he tries though… this year I fwd him the picture of the boots I wanted and printed them out with size we shall see…Prolly the 23rd I’ll be running out with him to get the boots…

I see you are reading Little Women that is one of my all time favorite books this weekend we decorated for Christmas and I had the old movie playing with Elizabeth Taylor… great classics as a book and movie… although I didn’t care for the Kathrine Hepburn one which is shocking cause I love her!! :wink:

I have a half hour presentation on Louisa May Alcott in my Women in Political Thought class tomorrow. :shock: I almost wish we had a nail biting emoticon, but it took me forever to quit biting my own nails, why wish it on a smiley? :lol:

DH is loving and kind and helpful (I wish he were home more often), but there are some things he just doesn’t get. Now I’ve got “A Fine Romance” going through my head. :lol:


I wrote you once before about your Little Women presentation.
Please let me know how it goes tomorrow. I love Louis May Alcott’s books, and I’m really interested to hear what you have to say about her.

Good Luck :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


One Christmas I asked for sweaters–during a period of time that I wasn’t knitting–only sweaters. I even showed my kids sweaters in the stores that I liked.

I got one plain yellow sweater and a bunch of nightgowns. I actually cried.

I don’t ask for anything anymore. I just say I don’t want to waste the money. I usually get stuff I have to return. One year I got an orange suede bomber jacket. :shock: I exchanged it for a black leather.

I did get a gift cert for the yarn shop last year. I’ll have to push for that.

That looks like a nice purse/knitting bag!

My DH is pretty good about gifts, but I’ve usually give him a lot of info. Last year I said I wanted a black leather purse. Nothing fancy, no doodads on it, no chains, lightweight, etc. He gave me one and it was a good one. Whew! OTOH…I have a hell of a time with HIM! He tends to just buy stuff if he wants it and he doesn’t want a lot so it’s very hard. So to solve all this what we’ve done several times and this year included is to get something together. It means nothing from each other to unwrap, but that’s fine. I’d rather watch the kids.

BTW…this year we are going to Vancouver Island in January for our “gift” to meet some photography friends. :slight_smile: :happydance:

Sara, I’ll get crackin’ on that lump of coal for you!! :wink:

Super-cool bag. I haven’t seen one like that before.

I am very fortunate that my husband is an excellent gift-giver. This is, of course, on those occasions when he doesn’t wait until the very last minute. When he decides to do it ahead of time, he’s great.

This year, all I’ve said is that I’d like a knitting-related gift. It will be interesting to see what is under the tree!!

Alpacas are Christmas-y, aren’t they? :roflhard:

There are llamas mentioned in Christmas carols, no?

“I am a llama, small and brown,
I’ll give my fleece for the Christ child’s gown,
I’ll carry him home from Bethl’em town,
I am a llama, small and brown…”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I just read your post to my husband, and I think he is choosing to ignore me!! :rofling: He didn’t say anything at all about spoiling the alpaca suprise or anything!! :smiley:

But I bet he won’t clean up after the little bugger, though! :roflhard:

My Dh is really a dear…BUT, when it comes to picking out gifts…hmmm, I should just say he’s great!! So, he MEANS to do great, but he, um, is somehow lacking in the gift department, you know??

But, hey, we’ve been married nearly 40 years…and we’re still best friends and still have a great romance going-- :heart: --all our friends tell us how lucky they feel to have us to “look up to”!! SO—I ain’t gonna complain–I’ll just do like youall–either order my own, or MAKE myself LIKE it, at least for the first few days. Then he’ll forget about it, and I can put it where it belongs!!

Ya know, we can’t ALL have a Lonnie!! I wonder when Rebecca is gonna clone him??? :thinking: