A Christmas Kitty Miracle

Hi, Everyone! :waving:

I just wanted to share something wonderful with you all, since I’ve gained so many wonderful things from you and this site.

Without going into a long, complicated story, I rescued a kitten from the street about 12 years ago. For more than eight years, we existed very happily together. He, Jake, was even the model for my painting, “P’catso’s Masterpiece”. (See below)

About 3 years ago I re-married. I kept my house and had a house-sitter take care of Jake since my husband is severely allergic to cats. Over the three years I tried numerous times to find him a good, loving home. No luck.

Recently my house sitter moved away and the house has to be put on the market, so there was no one left to take care of Jake. And still no home for him. I simply could NOT send him to a shelter where his fate would be so uncertain and he’d be terrified. If he wasn’t adopted, his end would be anything but peaceful. So I decided that I would take him to the vet myself and stay with him 'til the last. I ordered some herbal pet soother, Rescue Remedy for Pets, so that he wouldn’t be scared. The appointment was for tonight at 5:15 pm.

But instead of walking into the vet’s office to say goodbye to my feline buddy, I walked in with a wonderful lady who showed up at the last minute, willing to take Jake into her home and heart. He needed some vaccinations and a few other things from the vet, but he left there and went to his loving new home. (And I have visitation rights whenever I want! :yay: )

I AM SO GRATEFUL to whatever good angel was looking out for him, and for me, and to the angel who took him into her home where he can hopefully live out his life as he deserves - as a cherished friend to her and her family.

In a world where so much seems unfair and just plain wrong, sometimes things just work out the way they should. I just wanted to share that with you all, and wish you each a blessed and happy new year!

With love,

Aww Ruthie, thank you for sharing such a wonderful story! I am so happy to hear that your dear friend has a new home and you don’t have to say good bye. :heart: Much love to you, your feline friend and the caring woman that saved the day.

I’m so glad your sweet kitty found a home. I can’t imagine being faced with that, but if I were, at least there is a no-kill cat shelter in my area, so I’m really lucky in that regard. I am glad this worked out and that you still get to visit too! The painting is beautiful. Do you have more of your art posted online somewhere?

An amazing story - there are truly angels among us!! Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!!

That’s wonderful! I love your painting! :slight_smile:

I’m so happy for you and your sweet kitty!

I’ve been a cat person all my life and I couldn’t imagine having to be in that situation. A cat becomes more than just a pet, he or she is an important member of the family (usually the MOST important in their eyes :wink: )

My dad and I rescued a kitten two months ago. We found her by the dumpster at our apartments. We took her in and talked about how we’d “call the humane society tomorrow.” Of course we knew better, she wasn’t going anywhere. Now the once under one pound, 4 week old kitty is living with my sister, filling out, and is filled with piss and vinegar. She’s a cutie.

That is just AWESOME!!! :hug:Thanks for sharing! Truly the Lord brings angels into our lives and we never forget those meetings! Reminds me of one of my favorite verses in the Bible:

Hebrews 13:2 [B]Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels unawares. [/B]