A Casting On question

This is just a general question really, more than anything…well its i suppose related to my blanket too but its also a general question.

Anyhoo…does it matter how you cast on? I mean like, while i’ve been knitting this blanket I’ve been casting on knit wise, like with both needles and I actually hate this method cos its some what time consuming. So i took a look at the introduction to beginners video on the site and whomever it is in that video, did a nice slow motion tutorial on how to do a long tail cast on, and i find that much better than casting on with two needles.

So, like does it matter how you cast on? In my case too, does it matter if i change how i cast on knitting these blanket squares?

Sometimes there are projects where you need a stretchier or tighter cast on but often it’s a matter of personal preference. I like and often use the long tail cast on too.
How are you going to join these blanket squares? The seaming may well cover the cast on anyway. I doubt that it’ll make a big difference if you change cast on method.

It depends on what the project is. I generally use long tail cast on. However, sometimes even casting on loosely, the edge doesn’t stretch enough. I made a beautiful pair of mittens for a little girl, but she couldn’t get them on. The long tail cast on at the wrist wouldn’t stretch. Now, for mittens, gloves, and hats I use a German Twisted cast on. I learned it from Amy on the free videos here on KH. :slight_smile:


I use long tail most of the time. It’s fast. I use the crochet provisional for things with a hem.