A "cable 2 twist"

I knit the 2 stitches leaving them on left needle, then I have to insert right needle between 2 stitches, and knit the 1st st, just doesn’t look right, do u know of a video I can observe…

It takes a bit of manuevering the needle to get it into the first st by itself, but it can be done and also looks odd until you knit a couple rows over the top of it. There may be a video on youtube, search for ‘twist stitch’.

when i put right needle between the 2 sts, am i then knitting the st closest to right or left needleto the right or left needle…hope i get this soon…lol

You knit the one that’s closest to the tip of the left needle. It would have been the first st before you knit the 2 together.