A bunch O' FOs-pic heavy

Ok so this has been knitting and crocheting that I have done the past few weeks. I am proud to say that all of it has come from my stash as a way to destash :cheering: (Course I won’t tell you I bought 20 skiens yesterday :aww: )

The patterns come from various places. If you are interested in any of them lmk and I can post the links.

They are all 100% wool yarn. I had been knitting longies for a business and gathered a ton of partial skiens of wool yarn. I am trying to use em up.

The hats are for a friend as are the fruits and veggies. The dinosaurs are for my boys and they love them!! The other foods are for my 2 yr old ds and he gets lots of use out of them with his play kitchen. I just finished the pizza and swiss cake roll tonight. The foods are fun but tedious (most are crocheted). The hats were my fav to make b/c they were easy and knitted up quickly.

Thanks for looking.

grumpy faced action shot of one of the hats…it is for a friend but tried it on my ds

Those are so cute! Where did the dinosaur patterns come from?

Thanks…here’s the link. They are much bigger than they look in the pic. They measure about 15" long and really a pretty easy knit.


these are all so great! love the ‘angry hat’ shot :wink: we get lots of those too!

Awwww…what cute projects! You’ve certainly been busy!

Wow the dinosaurs look fab and the food looks good enough to eat :slight_smile: What a cute Boy you have. He is adorable :slight_smile:

Love that dinosaur, and the food does almost good enough to eat.

Thanks for the link.

Great job on all the projects!

:happydance: Everything looks great!! Roo likes to give me those groucy faces too :teehee:

Everything looks really cute!

That come out so adorable! I have to get those patterns from you.

How fun !!!


i love the dinosaurs!!! those are too cute!! great job on the others as well