A book im thinking about buying

I’m soon gonna have to take a 13 hour flight bk to canada…so I’m thinking of buying a knitting book and reading it/trying stuff out on the plane(I learnt to cast on…knit…purl…and bind off on the plane from canada to here!:))

so I don’t have much choices being here…but I found a book that I thought looked good…it’s ‘complete knitting techniques and projects’…

so anybody thinks I should buy it??

thanks guys!:cheering:

I have never seen it, but I just read about it and it sounds like a great book.

Do you have any other knitting books? My first (and favorite) knitting book is [U]Stich and Bitch [/U] by Debbie Stoller (I also love [U]Stitch and Bitch Nation[/U]). This is a great beginner book for knitting, as well as a great read. It’s funny and easy to use with some great simple projects.

Be sure you are allowed knitting needles on the plane. Here in Australia we’re not and on many international flights. (Which I think is ridiculous- are they going to ban hands next?)

I don’t know that book, so can’t recommend for or against it - but if you are interested in learning sweaters, The Sweater Workshop would be a great one - it even recommends that you knit this “sweater swatch thingy” that is just an odd shape of knitting that teaches you all of the techniques needed in sweater construction - might be a great way to fill in 13 boring hours! Just a thought…and safe flying!

hmm…well I’m going to a bigger bookstore 2morrow…so I’ll look for other books…

gonna have to look for stitch and bitch cuz ive heard about it a lot…

anybody have any other suggestions??

thanks everybody!:yay:

Teach Yourself Visually Knitting is an EXCELLENT book. I like the SnB book, but I like the Visually one better because it has large, full color pictures of the steps.

SabrinaJL - Have to agree with you on the Visually book. Picked it up at the local grocery store a few months back and it clarified a lot of things that other knitting books tend to leave out.

knit.newbie - I’m not familiar with that book but if it’s reasonable priced and you can understand the instructions. I’d say go for it. Unless of course you can find another one at the other bookstore.

Once your back here in Canada may I suggest hitting your local library. Most of the knitting books I own I borrowed from the library before I bought them. It’s a great way to find out if you like them without dipping into your yarn money.

Good luck and have fun.

If you want to laugh the whole time on the plane then I recommend you buy “The Yarn Harlot”. …it’s so funny. Its not a knitting instruction book…but it is all about knitting.:happydance:

Like Quiltlady I read The Yarn Harlot a few months ago its a fab read x x

At Knit’s End another book by the Yarn Harlot is a very easy but entertaining read. Just mostly 1 page reflections on knitting in general. Also small size book, good for carry on.
Which airline are you travelling with? Last month Air Canada told me no knitting needles allowed.

will do!:slight_smile:

I was on Air Canada two months ago with my needles in my purse and they never said anything!! too bad they banned it now:wall::wall:

I’m travelling with olympics though…hmm…maybe I should ask again just to check:think:

thanks everybody:), I’ll be checking those books out