A Booga bag question

What, if any, are good yarns to substite Noro Kureyon yarn for the booga bag. That stuff is pricey. :shock: I’d need to spend 26 plus just for my own bag, My friends also want one. They will pay but I’m not sure I will. If you have missed my other posts, I’m buying the Denise needle set this week. :happydance:
If I can’t substite than I’ll just work on theirs till my funds catch back up. :smiley:
Ok thanks everyone! ~Brooke

Just use any feltable yarn! It might turn out smaller or larger and the colors will be different, but who cares, it’s a bag! I knitted a booga with brown sheep lamb’s pride, and it came out great. This site has good prices on Noro, that’s where I get it from… actually, as late as march 28th kureyon was 5.79 a ball… now it’s up to 5.99 a ball, but that’s still better than 8.50 or 9.00!!! (someone else on KH told me about that, but i don’t remember who… but thanks anyway) Anyway, they’re probably raising their prices because I keep telling people about it, so this is the last time! :smiley:

www.knitpicks.com --their Wool of the Andes, at $1.79 / skein!!! Felts great, and at the same gauge as Kureyon. Not variegated, but lots of nice colors. I’m designing a felted bag in it right now–should be done in a few weeks for y’all, if you can wait…


Thanks Amy. I’m waiting for yours. :smiley: ~Brooke

My LYS chick gave me a good tip…if you knit with two strands of different colors & then felt, you get a cool heathery effect!

Anyone done a striped booga??? With those yummy colours on the knitpicks website, I am envisioning a cherry blossom/carrot stripe. Whadda ya think??

Those prices are incredible, btw. I wonder if they ship to Canada???


That is the exact bag I want to make. It’s so fun looking! ~Brooke

Oooh oooh, they DO ship to Canada - not for free but still - great prices!


I used Paton’s Merino Wool for my booga bag. It felted great – and they sold the yarn @ AC Moore for like $3-$4 / ball – each ball is about 225 yards

I have used reynolds lopi. It worked out pretty well. The bag didn’t shrink as much in height as the one I made with Kureyon.