A blocking question from a beginner

I’ve never made anything that needed to be blocked before, but I finally finished the Bias Shawl made from Hand Maiden’s Silk Rumple and it looks pretty sad. :frowning: It’s a simple lace stitch and more open than anything I’ve knitted before. Do I weave in the ends and then block it or do I block it first and then weave in the ends once the stitches are spread out into their proper shape? :shrug:


hi check this link out it tells about blocking in lace knitting.
but I find Lace almost always needs to be blocked to “open up” the design so all those beautiful holes and patterns show in their true glory. here is the link http://www.heartstringsfiberarts.com/yarn-ends.shtm

Thanks, that’s the info I was looking for! :muah:


Glad to be of assistance!!!