A bit under the arm

I’m one of those weirdies who jam the right knitting needle under their arm and knit away happily for hours … well, until we got record temperatures for July yesterday that caused a problem.

For once, it was hot enough for me to venture out in a sleeveless blouse (there’s no end to my fast livin’) - normally, I wear a duffle coat, covered by a cape and just to be on the safe side, carry a blanket at all times.

If I want to go for a walk, I put my outdoor clothes on as well …

Anyway, the knitting needle started digging big time into the underside of my right arm because it was directly on my skin; it wasn’t just that it was a bit painful, I was worried about instant cumbustion, you know with the heat and everything.

Found a solution - I excavated an old sponge-type hair roller (curler?) took it off its plastic frame and plonked it on the end of the knitting needle. Bliss!

Can’t let 90 deg. temps and hot sharp metal spoil the fun!

Happy Knittin’ and Knatterin’


:smiley: I have to admit that the thought of a foam curler thing on a knitting needle made me laugh a bit!
Glad you got it figured out so you can keep knitting!!!

:lol: Desperate situations call for creative solutions! Can’t let the heat stop you from knitting–and how would you explain a blister under your arm? :thinking:

“It was our anniversary.” ?

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: That made me snort Aidan.

That is a great solution :thumbsup: Amazing what the common knitter will come up with in order to continue knitting :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Miintdee

Who are you callin’ common!? There’s nothin’ at all common about me and my knittin’ is definitely NOT what you would call common - what you would call it, is something else again.

How’s your vacation going? How was the trip with the kids? Hope you’re all having a lovely time and catch up with you soon.

Warmest Wishes

Ellie aka Limey :XX:

True there isn’t much common about that, for the life of me I can not imagine how that is done.

I am ready for the kids to go back to school. With it being in the 100’s the past few days the kids have not wanted to leave the airconditioning, needless to say I will need to be commited soon. UUgh. :roflhard:
Thanks for asking!

LOL limey good solution. Myself I’ve been seriously considering taking a little camping stool and sitting in Sainsbury’s freezer section to knit. The UK would be fine in this sort of gorgeous weather (or it would be for me) if at least we had Air con in the office. I don’t have it in the car or in the home so at least one place with it would have been nice =P

I am SO glad it is Friday, I can spend time in the supermarket freezer sections this weekend instead of melting in the office!


What a great idea Limey!