A bit OT....but a blog question

I have to renew my website in February, and I was thinking of changing hte name and starting a blog of my own instead of going through xanga, because there is alot I can do with it on my own. Does anyone know much about running their own blog (I already have done my own site)…and also what blog software do you use?


i don’t have a blog, or know that much about them, but the ones that are done on typepad look really cool. if you need inexpensive hosting, pm me. mr amigarabita sells hosting for cheap cheap and he’s really good with any tech stuff you may need. good luck!

I blog at http://blog-city.com and I find it pretty good so far. I bought a year membership for about 25$ and for that I can upload pictures and control the look of the page. You canalso get a free site but then you can’t upload pictures.

I love blogging now, and blog-city makes it really easy. You could eventually get your own domain name there as well if you wanted to.

Anyway, that’s my two cents!

I use Movable Type for my blog. They offer a free single-user license but you get no tech support for the free version. Your webhost also needs to have PHP (scripting language) and MySQL (for the database) for the blog to work.

Their site is: http://www.movabletype.org/

I guess I should add a link to my blog. :slight_smile: http://www.webitude.com/debi/

Other free blog software include http://wordpress.org/ and http://www.bblog.com/ (these are the type you install on your own website, not the kind you sign up for like Blogspot, TypePad, or LiveJournal).

Hey Debi just had a look at your blog. Very nice! I love that verigated scarf. Man oh man I’m jealous of you lot with access to gorgeous yarns like that!

And Yu-Gi-Oh rocks!!! (And I sometimes find boy…ahem…men…shoes fit me better as well). Your daughter is not alone!

I have used Blogger.com and Typepad and enjoyed both. Blogger is completely free and Typepad has pricing starting at $5 per month.