A bit of confushion (sp?)

I would love to post some of my home made paterns…
However in there curent state most people would not understand them.

My question, What is it called when you knit into the space between stiches?

it acts as an increse but I looked in the increse section and I didn’t find it.
please help, and thank you for your time.

lol right now I’m useing my # sign to mark my paterns.

Check under basic techniques and increases on the tabs at the top of the forum.

Oh wait…you said you checked there? I don’t know what it might be then. Can you give more detail of how you do it so others might be able to help?

I think you mean M1, when you pick up a stitch inbetween the stitches and then knit it.
Confushion=confusion :heart:

yes… I looked up the m1 instructions and it’s right on the money.

though I relized that most of my paterns a normal incerse will work nicely. And thank you for helping me spell. :cheering: