A Bit Confused

I don’t know if I’m just completely missing something or if a very helpful word is missing in this pattern…I’m making the Snowflake Lace Socksand I’m starting the gussets…Where I am right now is the 16 sts. on needle 1…It instructs to knit the heel sts. but [U]do not turn[/U], which I did, and did not…lol…Then it goes on to read: “Using N1, pick up 16 st along the side of the heel flap, and 1 st in the gap between the heel flap and N2 (33 sts).” Then it goes on to read: “N2: K next 26 sts.”

Between those instructions is where I’m getting confused…If I simply pick up the sts. I cannot continue to knit the sts. on N2 because the working yarn is still at the end of my original 16 (before picking up the stitches) on N1 and I know there’s no way I’m supposed to carry the yarn over a total of 17 sts. I’m assuming I’m supposed to pick up [U]and knit[/U] those sts.

I got confused though because it doesn’t instruct to pick up and knit at that point, but it does instruct just that on N3: “N3: Using empty needle, pick up and k 1 st in the gap between the instep sts and the heel flap, and 16 st along the side of the heel flap (17 sts).”

Am I assuming correctly that I should pick up [I]and[/I] knit those stitches to get to needle 2? Unless I’m totally missing something I don’t see how else (aside from the picking up [U]and knitting[/U]) I would be able to knit the needle 2 sts. without carrying my yarn over 17 sts, which I know isn’t right.


Yes, you have to pick up and knit. A lot of patterns will just say ‘pick up’ but you should use the working yarn and knit as you go.

Thank ya much! I wanted to make sure before I proceeded 'cause I’ve done enough frogging so far! :teehee: