A better way to join?

I made a garter stitch belt (:sun: out of bright pink yarn, nonetheless) and to join it at the ends I just sewed it together with yarn. It’s not as smooth a look as I’d like – is there a better way to do it?


Is lace really as hard as it looks? What is the best lace yarn? What size needles (and how many)??

-the dunce:X:

I nice way to join seamlessly is using the Kitchener stitch. You do a provisional cast-on at one end, and when it’s the length you want, you weave the live stitches together–it’s used for sock toes, usually.

A 3-needle bind off using live stitches at each end leaves a seam, but a very neat one.

Lace is just a series of yo’s and decreases. You can practice with any yarn, but for a lacier affect, use needles that are larger than normally called for for the weight of the yarn.

It’s a bit tricky to knit with lace-weight yarn, but you can work dk and sport-weight yarn into beautiful lace for a first try.