A beginner's knitting with beads: How to add a new ball of yarn?

First off, excuse my English (I’m Danish and I’m not familiar with English knitting terminology) :slight_smile:

I’m so much considering to take on new challenges with beads in my knitting. However, I’m slightly intimidated. So I’ve figured what I want to do it and how to pre-string the yarn with all necessary beads for the entire project. However, I truely cannot visualize what to do with all the pre-stringed beads when the firsh ball of yarn runs out and you have to add the new one. How do the beads follow the string from a new ball of yarn?

I really hope it makes sense and I hope someone knows the answer :slight_smile:

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It’s just as well not to string all the beads onto the yarn ball. Usually the beads wear on the yarn as they move along the strand.
Only string a medium number of beads on the yarn. It’s better to have to cut the yarn and restring beads than to wear out the yarn with a large number of beads.
If you should have beads leftover at the end of a ball of yarn, push them off and restring onto the new ball.

There’s also a method for adding beads one at a time as you need them which has the advantage that the beads don’t slide to the other side of the knit fabric. See Other Techniques here

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Thank you so much. It makes sense, yet it seems a bit like a lot of work. But I guess that’s just how it is with beads :slight_smile: