A beginners faire isle?

hey whatws a good starter faire isle pattern? i like this

but is that a good one to start? probably not because i like it!

I don’t think about what makes a good starter project. I don’t test the waters, I just jump in. Think of it this way…maybe your first hat won’t be perfect. But the second one will! I love the hat too. Make what you love and you will keep trying until you’ve got it.

I’ve yet to do a fair isle project. I’ve got a plaid pattern that is a must knit for me. So, I’m jumping in…I’ll have it figured out before the end of the project.

Cool hat!! I haven’t tried Fair Isle yet either, but I agree with Liliyarn…go for it!! :thumbsup:

I say go for it!

That hat was my first time working with fair isle and DPNs… probably my 3rd knitting project. It was challenging enough to keep my interest, but not so hard I wanted to give up.

Oh - nice! Where did you find that pattern?

Go for it! It’s only two colors, a great way to get started (says she who has never fair isled in her life LOL)!

I think you should go for it. I tried Fair Isle once and loved it. It’s only two colors after all, and I’m sure you can do it :thumbsup:

Ditto!! I say go for it. :slight_smile: The worst that can happen is that you learn something… and that’s not all that bad, is it? :wink:

Remember: It’s just knitting. There are no knitting police. Nobody will die if you misread a chart or purl when you should have knit. Yarn can be rescued, projects can be restarted, fit can be altered, all mistakes can be banished. All you have to do is unravel and try again.

Great hat! Me too, love to know where you found the pattern. :smiley:

Have fun!

ok im gonna go for it. and im gonna come running to you guys when i get confused!

pirrate mittens
we call them pirates hat

from this group of really cool patterns. i heart them

the squirrel and oak mittens are adorable, as well!

how does one use the different yarns without having to hunt around picking up one after dropping another? i dont knit with both hands, like some lovely ladies, is there another way?

maybe ill start a KAL for this hat. anyone want to join? :cheering:

KAL We Call Them Pirates Hat

When you’re knitting in the round, it’s really easy to just knit one yarn English and one Continental. I learned how to knit English specifically so that I could do it - After a few rounds, it felt totally natural.

You can pick up and drop each colour if you’re going to knit one handed, or you can hold both colours in one hand and just try to wrap the needle with the right one. But for me, the easiest way was just to do it two-handed.

ok ill work on english while waiting for the yarn to come in. thanks

This is my first fair isle swatch - I found the pattern in a KP catalog last fall, and just fell in love with the colors and design. It really wasn’t hard to do and I loved the changes in each row, made the knitting go so fast! Knit 2 handed for the first time, and it was pretty easy and natural once a few rows were done.

KP showed it as a sweater vest, but I haven’t decided if that’s what I’ll make or not.

And I am NOT an accomplished knitter, in fact I’m still struggling with a “beginners” afghan that I’ve ripped out about 30 times!

Deb in N TX