A beginner that needs help!

Hi everybody,

I started knitting about a week ago. I am trying to make a scarf and I’ve done enough knitting to now ponder whether I am doing it all wrong. I don’t know if this is normal but my yarn on the needle isn’t laying flat like a scarf should, it is twisted on the needle and I am unsure if this is normal? If not, what did I do wrong? Thanks for your help!

welcome to knitting!
This is a little too little information, to be of help, I guess.

What are you using? knit stitches only or knit and purl? That would be a valuable information. One row knit, next row purl and so on creates stochinette and that does curl. You can like it or not for a scarf.

Can you snap a photo of the object and post it? We do not want to hold a photocontest, so just snap it with whatever comes your way :wink:

If you’re knitting flat, sometimes the stitches will twirl around the needle the first couple rows. See if it does that after you’ve done a few more.

You can give your work a little tug at the end of each row, and that should line it all up again. When I start something new, it always twists around the needles for the first few rows. I just tug the bottom gently. After you get several inches done, this stops happening.
Good luck and welcome to knitting. It is an obsession, so be prepared!