A Beanie

I’m almost embarrassed about put this up as a) it’s only beanie and b) it’s only 3/4 finished. But hey, so what. Here it is.

Yay, David! It an excellant beanie in progress and promises to be a great finished hat. Nice work.

There is no such thing as “it is only…” Every project in my mind is magnificent from the little dish cloth to the most intricate of projects. It has great colors and you are doing a fabo job. Looking forward to the finished product!!!

David, your color work is gorgeous–great colors and perfect knitting, and what an adorable little beanie–even in its incomplete state! I agree with Nonny–there’s no such thing as a project to be embarrassed about. Each one is a work of art and very special. We love looking at all of them because they inspire and encourage us and give us new ideas!

Super job on your project so far. I, too, can’t wait to see the finished beanie!

That looks great! If its knitting it belongs! :thumbsup:

Welcone to Knitting Help!

David, I love the colors! It’s a cool beanie and it’s almost finished!! Enjoy your project and come on back to post another picure when it’s done.


What a delightful 3/4 finished beanie! Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished, nicely done. :yay:

It’s very promising! I like how you’ve staggered the widths of your stripes! That is artistic use of color!
Great work! Knit on, brother!

That’s really good, better than I can do. Do you have to go to DPN’s towards the end? That’s where I failed. (I have since gotten the hang of them).

Well, the forum is Whatcha knitting, not What have you finished knitting? Nothing here comes under It’s just a…

Your beanie is looking great.


Beautiful colors and I love the varying widths of the stripes. Great job so far!

Please post a photo when you’re finished with info on the pattern and yarn type, etc. I’m always on the lookout for hat patterns. :slight_smile:

Happy knitting!