A 1 lb cone of sugar and cream, xmas on the way, WWYD?

So the title sums it up. I was gifted a one lb cone of cotten. Its a neutral color with flecks of pastels in it. It’s very appropriate for the women in my family but all I know how to make with it is dishcloths! and they have plenty and I’m bored of those. Is there anything anyone can think of that I can make about 6 or so of pretty fast and put with some other small things as impersonal large family gifts for the ladys? thank you all so much in advance!

Don’t know the ages of anyone you might want to knit for…

Swiffer Cover
Tribble Scrubbie

Baby in the family?
Bib 2
Burp Cloth

Other than dishcloths that’s about all I can think of for that yarn… :think:

What about making small gift bags and filling with candy or a fancy bar of soap. I was given this one and it is really cute

oh the ladys are my bf’s grandmas, his mom, and his aunts.

I like the tribbles! lol so cute.

that might work! it’s a cute idea anyway. I’m not sure what i will do. I’ve only ever made dishcloths and have heard most people hate this yarn!

I really like sugar and cream after it has been washed, it’s not so bad. Have you thaught of making dishtowels with toppers that can hang in the kitchen?? or pot holders?? maybe make all 3
(dish clothes) as a set with some yummy smelling dishsoap, and a scrubby.
I absolutely love the dishclothes… are ya sure they are sick of them, because I can’t ever imagine that! lol :),
Also check out this super cute Knit dish cloth dress pattern!!! something different~!!! http://web.archive.org/web/20061113023718/knitnsewstudio.com/knit_dish_cloth_dress.htm

How about knitted shopping bags? To help keep plastic bags out of landfills.

I know you might be tired of dishcloths but these sets are really nice to give…http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b94/MMQC/Kitchen%20Sets/

I was thinking knitted string/market type bags, too. Here are a couple:


I’m currently making the BYOB bag with a cone of some sort of cotton right nw.

That’s a great idea!:thumbsup:

Thanks all so much! Great ideas. Unfortunately I have to run ideas like this past another person who makes gifts for xmas and she has already bought the demin to make us all shopping bags! Oh well. I told her to back off the bath stuff! I think I’ll make a tribble, a washcloth, and maybe if I have enough, a bath mit for each lady. Then I can find a shower gel or something for each. How does that sound?

Last time that I was at Michael’s they had a Sugar and Cream pattern book of bathroom accessories. Everything from washcloths to tissue paper covers. I don’t remember how much it was, but if you had a 40% coupon, I bet it would only costs about 2.00.

that would be awesome but we don’t have that store around here. Just hobby lobby and joanns and walmart! Maybe Hobby lobby would have something similar?

I’m sure any of the craft stores that carry Sugar and Cream would carry it.

And…HL would have the same 40% off coupon. Usually, every other week. This week’s is only 25% off…

Here’s the book:


this is a great thread, I am already getting gift ideas. I love the knitted gift bags.

Jan, I have a question. On both the burp cloth and baby washcloth patterns. it says
"Work 3 rows garter stitch (knit both sides)
Row 5: Knit across"

What happened to Row 4? Are they counting the cast-on row as row 1?

Some people do count the CO row as the first row so that would be my guess. Because of what they are a row or two won’t matter at all. :thumbsup:

Ok, so I’m a little intimidated by the bath mitt patterns. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bath-mitt

I’ve never used a “real” stitch marker, just threaded a piece of counter colored yarn in, and so I have no clue how to “slip a marker” and such. Can anyone help me?