99¢ yarns for those on a budget

I just got the Hobby Lobby circular for this week. Here are the 99¢ and $1.99 yarns for this week:

Yarn Bee Truffles Ladder • 3.5 oz.
Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist • 3 oz.
Yarn Bee Paradox • 3.5 oz.
Yarn Bee Airy Eyelash • 3.5 oz.
Moda Dea Cheerio • 1.76 oz.
Spinrite Frenzy • 1.75 oz.
Spinrite Patons Twister • 1.75 oz.
Yarn Bee Labyrinth • 3.5 oz.
Coats Red Heart Symphony • 3.5 oz.
Your choice . . . 99¢ • our everyday low $3.22-$6.64

Yarn Bee Intrigue Eyelash • 3 oz.
Yarn Bee Sassy Girl • 3 oz.
Yarn Bee Jewelsong • 3 oz.
Moda Dea Ticker Tape • 1.76 oz.
Your choice . . . $1.99 • our everyday low $6.99-$9.99

Remember they are closed on Sundays. Most of this is fun novelty yarn from what I can remember, but you never know when you need a fun project. :slight_smile:

No wonder I’ve never heard of hobby lobby, I just checked their website and the nearest store to where I live is in Billings, Montana hahah

I stocked up on Mosaic Twist. For about $30, I got 2+ sweaters worth of yarn. :slight_smile:

starburst… there is one in tacoma WA… is that close?

yes! I looked online but there didn’t appear to be one in Washington.

My sister lives out in your area–what a small world

its on the north side of the tacoma mall, next to the big goodwill

ok, I’ll have to check it out when I’m home from school

Starburst, I’ve lived in Lacey, Olympia,Spanaway, Seattle, Everett and Snohomish. Where the heck is FW, Washingon? I’ll probably kick myself, but I’ve got to know. :mrgreen:

Wish I could get up there, those are great prices.

Federal Way. it’s right around Auburn and Kent