96 stitch circular hat knit one purl three

Hi everyone, I’m new. My daughter is also new to knitting and started on a knit one purl three hat on circular needles, then lost interest. She has no idea where the pattern is! I’m wondering if any of you wonderful knitters could suggest how to finish the hat tapering to the crown. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!

I’m working on a 96-stitch ribbed had (2x2 rib, though) that is in the book “One Skein Wonders”. You could start there.


This pattern is a k3,p1 so it’s opposite of what you are doing, but you can do the decrease similarly just do the decreases in the purl sections using a p2tog (purl two together).

Most hats have more knits than purls when ribbing so I couldn’t find one just like yours except for one you had to buy.

Since 96 is divisible by 12 and 8, you can make 8 decs every other round by working 10, k or p 2tog, around, keeping in the k1 p3 pattern. The first round would be (k1, p3) twice, then k1, p1, p2tog. Then do a plain round, working the sts as they appear. On the next round, work 9, k/p 2tog around, then a plain round. Do this until you have about 20-24 sts left, then do a couple dec rounds with no plain round between.

Try it on to see if that rate of decrease fits okay. If it is, then cut the yarn, leaving a decent length tail and thread it through the sts like a drawstring, and pull the top closed. If it needs some adjustment, decide where - should there be more length before the first decs, should they dec faster, slower…?