9/11 babies don't celebrate on 9/11?

Okay, did anyone else see this segment? I don’t have link for you, I’m sorry, but this has been bugging me all week. This one family, she had twins, TWINS, on 9/11 amongst all the horror of the day. And can you believe that the parents don’t celebrate their birthdays on 9/11? The mother said it’s disrespectful. :noway:

I cannot even believe that. And do you know that those girls thought 9/11 was [I]their [/I]fault!!

Who does that to their kids? Ugh, people suck.

Remind me why we’re thinking about bringing children into this world when all this idiocity is growing stronger and stronger everyday??

Sorry, just needed to vent.

I’m with you- that’s terrible! I can’t imagine doing that to children…

That’s just sad and I think the mother needs a real wakeup call (if not a psychiatric evaluation) because she really is damaging the kids. It’s not their fault they were born on that day. In my opinion it just valudates what the terrorists wanted to achieve, to disrupt life as we know it and cause sorrow. I wonder how many people were born on Dec 7th don’t celebrate their birthday?

:grrr:Ridiculous. The best way to commemorate the victims of 9/11 is to celebrate LIFE! This is the most precious thing we have, families who lost a love one on that day know it better than anyone else. At least this is how I see it.:shrug:

These poor kids… life is hard enough nowadays, to be born with the “burden” of 9/11 on your shoulders is just unfair.

That’s nuts. Something bad has happened on every single day of the year, so what are we supposed to do? Not celebrate anything because it’s disrespectful of the people who suffered? I think the people that died on 9/11 wouldn’t have wanted the terrorism that ended their lives to prevent other people from living normally, they would want celebrations and love and laughter to continue…

it’s just as disrespectful not to celebrate the kid’s birthday on their birthday. It seems to be to me that this gal is putting everyone else before her kids. A shameful state to be in, IMHO.

http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2007/09/11/cho.911.twins.cnn this it?

Yep, that’s the one. Thank you for finding that, I didn’t remember if it was on my local news or one of the cable news channels.

Ridiculous. And shameful.

Thats just wrong! I happened to have been born on Sept 11th ( granted I was born before 2001) I get comments all the time when I have to show my drivers license “Wow, what a day to be born on” or “Isn’t is weird to have a Birthday on such a tragic day” No, for the previous 40 years it was my Birthday and it still is. I do think about the events of the day, its still clear as a bell, but I am still going to celebrate my Birthday on my Birthday. I hope those parents wake up.

One of DS’s friends bd is 9/11. He has huge parties. His mom did cancel the 2001 one, but hasn’t since.

It’s sad to do that to those little girls for no reason. I don’t think anyone who is a victim or family member would find it disrespectful if those little girls have birthday parties on september 11th :sad: poor girls

My dad and my SIL were both born on 9/11 we still celebrate on that day… only makes sense to me.

That is so wrong! Those poor kids :pout:

My son was born on 9/11 too. Not the 9/11 of course, but I will still celebrate his birthday. I have had a few comments about the date though.

and the way the girls responded when the reporter asked them “do youknow what 9/11 is?” and they go “we know” with that heavy tone. Poor things! Peope are probably reminding them constantly. That’s so unfair. I hope they only need minimal therapy :roll:

It’s sad that she feels she had to do that. From watching that video I think the kids will be okay. It’s not like they didn’t celebrate at all and they are beginning to be old enough to understand they had nothing to do with it. :shrug:

Just my humble opinion though. :hug:

My mother-in-law’s birthday is on Dec. 7.

My birthday is on September 12th. I was kind of annoyed with a friend of ours for doing a spit-take when he realized when my birthday was. I pointed out to him that, for me, Sept. 11th has always been “the day before my birthday” and regardless of events that’s pretty much how I’ll probably always think of it, although the rest of the world now probably thinks of 9/12 as “the day after 9/11”.

Incidentally, I was at the zoo on the morning of 9/11, 2001, (before it happened - or at least before anybody heard the news) and they had this board with a digital counter showing “current world population”, and we were speculating as to whether the counter would accurately reflect the population if a large number of people suddenly died. :frowning: