87 Pounds Of Yarn! YEE-HAH!

Our whole family sells online at eBay and OnlineAuction.com. Last fall, our son bought several bags of yarn at a yard sale for $30. He sold off $80 worth and saved the rest to give to me when we went back to see the family for Christmas. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he showed me what was left. There was too much commotion to go through it there, so we just loaded it up and brought it home. Last night I weighed it, just out of curiosity. 87 POUNDS OF NEW, VINTAGE, HIGH-QUALITY YARN! It took over 2 hours to sort through it all. I’m in Knitter’s Paradise.
Every year I knit Christmas gifts, but I can’t afford decent yarn, so I always make low-end stuff like dog beds and slipper sox. Now I have large quantities of really fine yarns to choose from, so I can start looking for patterns to make really nice gifts for next year. I can’t wait to get started. The giving will be even sweeter when I add our son’s name to every tag, since he supplied all the yarn. December 26 and I’m already excited about next Christmas. :happydance:

That is the most awesome gift! Lucky you!! :wink: :thumbsup:

Migosh! It just keeps getting better. After I posted this, I went to the patterns section, and right there on the first page is the perfect pattern–a Grecian Plait lacy sweater. We gave one almost like it to our son’s girlfriend for Christmas (store bought and not very nice). She loved it, but it didn’t fit, so she has to take it back. Now that I know what she likes, I realize that style would also look great on our daughter and granddaughter, and I wouldn’t mind having one for myself. I expected to agonize for weeks to find the right pattern, but there it was, the first place I looked:woot: . I also expected to have to pay for the pattern, but IT’S FREE! Wow! :heart: Anyway, I’m gonna start on one for myself right now, so I can be sure of how it will turn out. Then, if it’s as cute as I think it will be, I’ll get measurements from the “girls” and get started on the other 4. I’m so excited! :woohoo:

Ooh! I want details! :smiley: What kind of fiber is it? Brand names? C’mon, you know you want to share!

87 pounds??


Time to visit Ravelry for patterns! :thumbsup:

363 days of Christmas spirit, how wonderful. Happy knitting!

Yup! 87 POUNDS! This is the third time I’ve had to quit and rest up for another seige. If there’d been any more, I would have hurt myself. :teehee:

YIKES! I lost a day. I forgot about our travel day, yesterday, and thought today was the 26th. WAAA! I’ll never finish in time! :roflhard:

There are 2 big boxes of wool yarn that I’m going to sell, since nobody in our family wears wool.
There are 2 big boxes of pearl cotton and other thread-like yarn that I’m also going to sell because I don’t do any type of tapestry projects.
There’s another big box of cord-type yarn for macrame and some other sort of tapestry projects. Again, not my thing so I’ll sell that too.
What I’m keeping is lots and lots of cotton–Coton D’Egypte (Phildar), Country Ribbon (Italy), Iwa Pearl Cotton (Berkeley, CA), Tahki Imports (Greece), and several huge spools of cotton homespun (no name).
There’s a bag of Prima Angora Style Double Knit by Hayfield (England). I don’t know what I’ll do with it, yet, but I think there’s enough for a shawl.
10 spools of Hayfield Next Addition Ribbon yarn. I’ve never tried this before, so it should be interesting. Any suggestions?
Then comes the specialty stuff. There’s a bag of heavy, shiny, homespun-looking stuff. ?? 2 skeins of rayon/acryllic variegated ribbon yarn called Parfaite (from Japan), and a bunch of other homespun type cotton blends called Waikiki, from Crystal Palace Yarns (Berkeley, CA).
This is about half of what I got, but my fingers are getting tired and your eyes are probably glazing over. I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me. 90% of my stash is good old Red Heart, 25-cents a skein at all the best yard sales. :thumbsup: For me to have bragging rights to yarn like this is really cause for celebration.
Now I gotta go knit something. :hug:

That’s awesome! You really hit the jackpot. If you’re on Ravelry, you might think about trying to sell/trade some of the stuff you don’t want there.


Oh don’t hurt yourself! You’ll just have to turn that yarn over to me then. I can help you out ya know. :teehee:

I know how you feel. I got 250 skeins of yarn from a garage sale. It was like Christmas (that was last spring).

I’m not on Ravelry, but I do sell stuff at OLA. Since I’m a founding member over there, my listings are free, so I can offer what I can’t use at bargain prices and share my bounty. We have a small crafters group over there and I’ve already told them about Knittyhelp and brought at least one of them over here. I love this board and OLA is so friendly, I can even put a link to this forum in all of my yarn listings. :cheering: Hmm, I wonder if I can put a link to my yarn listings in my sig over here. Is that okay?