850 mini socks~1012 made~777 received CHECK FOR WINNER

I got a news letter from Jackie E-S / HeartStrings FiberArts and in it was a request from a lady who needs 850 mini socks for service men.I e-mailed her and got this reply
My Dear Friends,

I am overwhelmed by the generous spirit you have all shown in your emails. Thank you.

The Chaplain of this battalion is my son Peter. He is shocked by how little mail his men receive. Especially when they go first, to neutralize the IED’s before any of the other soldiers and stuff go through. They are brave courageous men, risking their lives every day to keep other soldiers safe. And my Peter goes out with them. He does not carry a gun, but he goes to encourage them, and help them.

I thought of a mini stuffed sock for each of them for Christmas because I was afraid some of them would get nothing for Christmas. I know time is short, but I’m hoping we can do it. And if our box is a little late in arriving, Peter will tell them that a surprise is on the way and then they will watch for it. Sometimes anticipation is fun too.

A box like this will make any day a holiday for them.

At first I was using the ‘Magic 28’ sock pattern, but then Jackie gave me her miniature sock pattern and I’ve done that one too. It’s a very good pattern. I like knitting these socks, especially since you don’t have to knit a mate!

Just so the socks are big enough for a pack of chewing gum, a couple pieces of chocolate candy and a candy cane. It’s the love and thoughtfulness behind your work that will touch them the most.

They will know that their Chaplain is right, people still care, and most of all they are not forgotten. It’s a powerful message for one little sock, but it’s a good one.

When it comes to colors, I’ve been using red, gold, green, and blue. But any color lovingly knit will be perfect. Acrylic, wool, cotton, all yarns are acceptable.

I have some done but still need hundreds. I’m grateful for your help.

If I have the socks by December 10, they will arrive the week between Christmas and New Year’s and they can be excited that they are getting a special box. Of course you can send the socks at any time. As we’ll be stuffing and packing as we go.

Happy Knitting,

Lets all help Becky meet her goal of 850 socks for our service men over seas.The mini sock pattern is here

Please help me help Becky meet her goal:hug:If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me.

I just talked to Becky and she said we could use this pattern too:woohoo:http://www.jeangreenhowe.com/Images/Mini_Christmas_Stockings.pdf Don’t have to know how to knit socks for this pattern:cheering: I think worsted weight yarn would be better so Becky can stuff them though.I already have one of the other socks done,will post pic when I am done:)

Can they be any color? I will see if I can whip up a few, too. :thumbsup:

Never mind, I see the color reference in your post. :teehee:

Count me in too. I will make some and post them out . :slight_smile:
Would you have an address to post to . I seem to not be ble to see it on her site .
Thanks Julie :slight_smile:

People can send them to me and I will send them out to her as I get them.If anybody wants to add a note or a x-mas card I think that would be nice:hug:

Thanks Jan and Rita :hug:

Here are my first 2 socks.I think the second pattern is easier and cuter:teehee:

K, I have a question. Do they have to be knitted? I know that a lot of crocheters would love to get in on the action as well but don’t know how to knit.

I have a very simple recipe for small crocheted stockings (ornament size), that would be perfect. It’s simply a five sided granny square, folded in half and sewn on two sides to make a stocking shape. You could add a chain loop for hanging if you wanted to.

:cheering:Yes fibrenut we would love to have some crocheted socks.
Just so its at least 4 inches so Becky can stuff them with goodies.
Thank you:hug:

Count me in!!! I’m going to start making some today - in fact, I’ll start as soon as I send this!!!


Geez, I [I]guess[/I] I have to be in on this too! I’ll see how many I can get done!:muah:

Thanks everyone !!! I knew you guys would help.

What a fabulous idea! Can we stuff them ourselves? I will have a ton of leftover halloween candy I can stuff them with.

My experience with sending any candy to our deployed troops is that the candy should be individually wrapped. (It’s a safety thing!)

I will do some mini socks as well. I would also like to send along some packets of gum and/or other assorted candy. If you want me to mail directly to your friend, please let me know. Thanks!

They need to be 4 inches tall? How wide?

Way kewl awesomeness!!!:woot:
I’ll whip up a few n take some pics of em so that peeps can see what the recipe looks like!!! If you’re a crochet whizz they’ll take about 5-10 minutes each!:noway::thumbsup:

Wow you guys are truly awesome:muah:
Stuff your sock with anything you would like just please put your sock in a Ziploc bag so the candy stays with your sock.:muah:
Jan they should be at least 4 inches long and about 2 inches at the ankle part. But what ever you make will be fine.
gmmarton, please send them to me,Just pm me and I will give you my address.

fibrenut-I can hardly wait to see them!!!

I talk to Becky today and she said if anyone includes a CARD please DO NOT seal it.Some of the soldiers got some really sick mail from people :shock:, so they want cards open so they can check them. How can people be so cruel ?

Thanks again every body I appreciate all your help:hug::muah:

Hi Julie ,

Here are two i made last night :slight_smile:

Rita those are darling,thank you!!! Here are the socks I knit yesterday,still have to sew them together though :teehee:

Here is the stocking I came up with…I wanted something knit in the round but looked more like a stocking than a sock. I found the yarn in the back of my yarn closet, I think I bought it the first Christmas I was knitting. :teehee: