8 inches in ten hours?

We’re driving up to New York for the holidays, and I’ve yet to finish my last gift. It’s a simple ribbed hat. I’ll be the first to say that I’m no Eunny Jang when it comes to speed, but I’m really concerned about getting it finished. The drive is no less than 10 hours, and I need to knit the last 8 inches of hat, including the decreases.

Is this even possible?
How do you guys deal with knitting in low-light situations?

Actually, finishing in 10 hours sounds do-able. If you don’t finish you can always give the hat on the needles with the promise to finsh soon.
I have this small light for these situations (and for power outages).

Ten hours – without interruptions – is probably workable if the pattern is as simple as you say. If you’re traveling with small children, all bets are off though. :wink:

There are all manner of small battery operated lights that might do the job, but a lot of it will depend on the color of the yarn and how good your eyes are. If it’s a dark color it might be hard to manage by flashlight. My girlfriend can knit by the map light, or even in the dark if the pattern is simple. But she does this for a living and has been knitting for over 30 years, so muscle memory takes over.

But the absolute worst thing that can happen is you don’t get it completed on time, in which case you can give them what you have and finish it after all the festivities are over (or even while they’re going on – which I find can be a VERY useful distraction!).

Good luck!

How did the car knitting go?

I wanted to chime in that I have a headlamp style LED light that I love. I hang it around my neck in the car, on the dimmest setting (so as not to disturb my husband’s driving view). I use the pivoting head to aim it right at my knitting. I can check the brand if anyone’s interested. It looks like this one, but has three adjustable brightness settings.

Will you have lights for sale in your expanded inventory?

I can’t knit in the car due to motion sickness. :???: Nor can I read. We have a long car trip to AZ coming up, too. Ugh.

GG, that’s not a bad idea! :slight_smile:

Jan, I read your post as “morning sickness” and almost had a heart attack. :roflhard:

:lol: That would be interesting…I just turned 60! :teehee:

I have, or rather had, the same problem. Super bad. Until I discovered meclizine, which is the medication in the brand Bonine. Non-drowsy, works for 24 hours, and you can get the generic version in a big bottle at the pharmacy at Costco. (No membership necessary to use the pharmacy.) Last time I bought it, got a bottle of 100 pills for about $4. And they taste like St. Joseph’s aspirin! You can even take it after you get nauseated, unlike Dramamine. I love that it lasts for 24 hours, so I don’t have to remember to take more, and I can take it the night before so I don’t forget in the rush in the morning to get out the door.

I know! :teehee:

Lewister, I’m glad you’ve found a solution to your motion sickness.