8" clover plastic mini-circulars

Have you used them? Where did you buy them? What size did you get?

I thought maybe I had bought some a couple of weeks ago, but, no, they’re 12". But the tips are shorter than most 12" I’ve seen, and the cable is flat and very flexible. So if the same is true for the 8" I bet they’re decent. I have no idea where you’d get them, tho. I bought mine from a vendor at a fiber festival.

I bought 8" circs from here:


overall I guess I liked them but I found them to be a little difficult to work with because they are so small.

Yes, I bought them, they are still in the original package, never been touched other than my taking them out & asking myself…"why :shock: ?!"
I got mine @ Halcyon, too

:roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:
I thought that too, but then i decided to deal with them