8.2 pounds natural 100% wool yarn for sale

Please check out the details here:

I got myself in quite a mess with this one :roflhard: (pretend this little guy has tears gushing out)

[size=2][color=blue]The Mod Squad was here :thumbsup:[/size][/color]

:roflhard: Wow Cheryl, that’s a LOT of yarn!!

YUP! Got a good deal on it and planned to use it for dyeing…didn’t anticipate my lack of patience in getting it sorted out!

Is there an easy way to untangle that? I don’t mind spending the time doing it… but my problem is my untangling usually ends up in more of a mess then I began with :oops:

If there is an easier way than just spending hours doing it…I am unaware. If I did know, I wouldn’t want to sell it…just think of all the fun dyeing and fun felted sutff to be made with it…sigh

Oh, honey…I feel for ya!

I have a similar problem with 2 seperate hanks of an almost thread thickness yarn. I’ve spent hours and hours and finally I’ve decided to tangle it up more and framing it. It’s strangely pretty when arranged right.

I’m not kidding.

But, hey, I have scripture written in gold flake on a wall. I do odd things,

Well I think I will bid on it. This is just the kind of challenge I can dig. I’m going to e-bay right now. :thumbsup:


:cheering: GO FEM’MAMA :happydance: GO FEM’MAMA :happydance: :cheering:

Im now in stalking mode for this yarn. Heh. maybe i could convince someone else to untangle it for me (say my mom. hah) though somehow i doubt it. Ahh well…do i need a challenge?

I actually would LOVE to sit and untangle that! I dig those kind of mindless chores. However, it would end up sitting in a bag in my closet for who knows how long as I don’t have the time. sigh What a pity.

Ditto. I’d be into it, but no time.

Go Femmy and Midnight! :cheering:

Remember you are allowed to cut it to untangle! It sounds like the kind of wool that would take a felted join without barely a mark, so you could have joins in a ball of yarn.

Happy bidding!

Amy (or anyone):
How exactly do you make a felted join? I am knitting this celtic knot sweater, which is really great, except several times during the intricate cabling I have made an extra large loop. If I pull it through to the back then the front looks fine, but there are these darn smallish loops of yarn on the back. Perhaps I could felt them somehow so that they don’t work their way to the front? They are too small to cut and tie I think.

Amy has a video for that HERE

Thanks for the link Kelly. I don’t think it’ll work for me though on an already knitted sweater… oh well. I’ll figure something out!
:slight_smile: kimmie