76 what?

Hi everyone,

I have a pattern for a babydoll top and in the instructions, when it gets to the division for armholes to “work in patt st until piece measures 76 from beg armhole” and that doesn’t make any sense to me. 76 what? Can’t be inches, can’t even be cm… it’s very confusing and it says it twice.

It’s in pdf form so I can send the pattern to someone if they like and maybe they can figure it out. It’s a cute top and I’d like to make it. I can’t find it again to see if I can contact the person who created it so I’m pretty much stuck unless someone here can figure it out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Could be the formatting is lost and it should be 7 or 6" depending on the size?

Oh, thanks so much for replying Suzeeq. :slight_smile:

I [I]just [/I]found the pattern again and they have corrected it. I forgot it was “Bali” babydoll top instead of just “Babydoll Top”. I got it from Knitting Pattern Central and it’s been changed to 7" … which makes perfect sense, lol.

My first guess was trombones. :slight_smile: I’m glad it was resolved.

Merigold - I’m glad to know someone else thinks like I do! LOL

And now its stuck in my head…that one line, which is all I can remember, over and over…AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…although almost better than the day I played Handel’s Messiah in class and had “for unto us a child is born” on repeat :slight_smile:

My answer was also trombones. lol.

Well, I see I’m too late to be the first clever musical response. 76 Trombones was my first response as well!

Glad you got it figured out!

Here is a link to the words for 76 Trombones. I almost never had more than a line or two in my mind of songs that I’ve heard. I did seem to remember something about 110 cornets. The rest of the words to this song from Music Man… totally news to me.

Man, I never thought of trombones…

…looking up a shrink right now…:out: