7 Day Afghans

Hey there…

I was just wondering if anyone has this book.

I am looking to see what stitch the Peppermint candy blanket is done in, but I can’t find a copy of the book in a bookstore…

I just need to know the stitch…or else I would get a copy through amazon…anyone help out?


I just checked my library (online) and it actually seems that my branch has the book available (don’t remember seeing it there, but who knows!) Anyhow, I reserved it and will try and pick it up tonight or tommorrow, so if you don’t get a response in the meantime I will let you know when I pick it up!


I didnt’ even think of the library…smiles

I don’t think I have a library card anymore either…lol!

Well…at least not in the current city I am living in…I have the old one…smiles

Any excuse to check out another knitting book :wink: :teehee:




Hi, I have the 7-day afghans book and it does not have any peppermint afghan pattern. Our Best Baby Afghans has a peppermint wrapper, it’s a crochet pattern.

Really? hmmm On Ravelry it says that is the book…

7 day Afghans by Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss?

It would be crochet…smiles

I have the book…give me a few to check it out:muah:I have the “original” book dated 1985…I can not find “peppermint” anything…could it be something else?

There’s the Peppermint Ripple Afghan published in Weekend Afghans by those same two authors, but it’s a knitting pattern, according to Ravelry. I don’t have the book, though, and there’s no pic on Ravelry. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

In November 2008, Creative Knitting there is one called Christmas Candy set. It is a ribbon candy throw and pillow pattern. Done in green, red and white. Looks pretty.

hmmm…on ravelry it is called the pastel carousel…but I thought it was called something peppermint in the book…when I saw it on amazon…

Ok…try Pastel Carousel!

The pattern is worked in Sc. Let me know if you need anymore

Thank you!..

I saw the photos on Ravelry, and couldn’t figure it out!..

yep got it in my book!!! Whatcha need? I could “scan it”…then possibly email to you…let me know…

Are you after a crochet or knit pattern? There are some short-row dishcloths with the same look at ravelry, mostly knit though.

pm’d ya!!!

Glad ya got it! I picked up the book from the library and also didn’t see any pattern with that name, but it looks like you found what you needed :slight_smile:

Hi Honeybee :slight_smile:
I noticed on one of the threads that you may have the pattern for the Peppermint Candy Baby Afghan and I was wondering if you would be willing to email it to me or where I would be able to find it.
Thanks for your help!

This thread is 2.5 yrs old and the member is no longer active.

Thanks, Jan!