7 ( and 2)year old girl quick knits

my little jade has asked for a srug for christmas i know not leaving me very long, i dont think she would mind if it was something eles as long as it is quite girly. but if i make her one i should make her 4 year old sister something 2 (size of 2 year old) has any one got any quick knits? she hasnt given me very long but im quite touched that she asked.

Here are some patterns that might work:

Child’s Shrug (scroll down to see pattern)
Kiddie Capelet
Child’s Capelet
Girl’s “Dress Up” Boa
Girl’s Bolero
Seaweed Wrap
Baby Shrug
Baby’s Tied Shrug
Girlfriend Shrug (PDF File)
Hug Me Lacy Girl Shrug (PDF File)
You Are My Sunshine Baby Shrug (PDF File)

I have a pattern for a poncho which is made with 2 rectangles which are sewn together which is pretty quick. There’s an child/adult version in “The Knit Stitch”, and I found a toddler/child version in a Sirdar Chino Knits 2 pattern book.