6 x 9 inch Rectangles for Charity


I knew I bought a 400g of Aran for something. Been trying to find uses for it, and this looks like the best one


The afghans are a great idea, but how about doing something for vets every day? When I see a vet with a jacket or cap that shows his military service, I thank him for his military service for our country. You have no idea what a thrill it gives him to hear this.

Some of you are too young to know this. There was an incident in Mai Lai, Vietnam where an entire village was wiped out by US troops. Some of them said they were only following orders. They were brought up for court martial and it was a big scandal that was all over the news.

Because of this, Vietnam War protesters would go up to these vets after they came home, spit on them, and call them all baby killers. I remember news footage of protesters who spit on a vet in a wheelchair who had lost both of his legs over there. This just wasn’t right. While draft dodgers ran away to Canada, these guys stayed and did their duty.

Please, especially thank Vietnam vets. They didn’t get the hero’s welcome they deserved. Okay, so I’m done with my spiel, but I just had to get that in so folks would understand.


Thank you ever so much for your post. My husband was one of the soldiers that people spit on. Now he just beams when someone thanks him and shakes his hand and says, “Welcome home, Brother!” Positively beams! What a difference a few decades make!