5sts. made in 1 {how?}

:clink: First I would like to wish everyone l the best in the New Year.
Staying in and knitting and loving it. Just finished a shrug from Mary Maxim.
My next project is… party Girl in book… Comfort #269.
In next st, k1, k1, yo, k1 {5 sts. made in 1}
Question is…I start the k1, and just before I take it off, do I do a yo, then again k1 etc?
Thank you, urs.

the easiest way to do this is with a bar increase where you knit into the front and back of the stitch. just knit into the front and back until you have 5 stitches. its on the site if you have never done it. i m not exactly sure as the pattern you supplied didnt add up knit+knit+yo+knit=4 not 5.

Thank you for your reply and it certainly sounds easier.
I didn’t write the correct number of yo…but it is a total to make 5 sts.
So,knit into the front …then the back…
then go back to the front,then to the back etc…then when you have 5 on your needle…slip all of those off all at once?

will also check out the site. urs.

Not to drive you nuts…but, I just did or tried to do the front and back , until I have 5 stitches, but, lost them and got jumbled up…the trouble is when I have to go back to the front to knit, that is where it starts to get messy, any other info for this?
thank you,

hey! just got back from rehearsal and im glad i could be of help. a few tips for kfb (knitting in the front then back) keep your yarn in back the whole time! this seems confusing at first but once you grasp the concept you will be increasing like a pro. here is a vid of this increase, basically instead of stopping after the second, go back to the front. Im not sure the context of the pattern but if this requires eyelets, then your yarn over technique is required. heres that vid

this technique is used for baubles (mult increases in one stitch, then mult decreases in the same row) again as i said providing the pattern or context may help us figure out wheter the yo tech is better.

YOu might find it easier to do as the directions state:

In a single stitch, (knit1, yo, knit, yo, knit). THEN slide the stitch off the left needle. When done this way the yo’s end up lookiing like knit stitches - and the line of the stitch you are knitting into stays straight and smooth. The knit stitches are all “normal” - just done into the one.

[COLOR=purple]:yay: [/COLOR][COLOR=indigo]I did it…thank you for the help. The 5sts. in one is to make a ruffle at the bottom of a little girls cardigan. I am sure I was suffering from brain freeze while knitting.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4b0082]there is nothing worse than frustration when trying and re trying a stitch.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#4b0082]It is great that there are men that are knitting. Things get too labelled, men do this and women do that. :happydance: You guys out there are awesome to admit you knit.:woohoo: [/COLOR]