50g of sportweight vs. 50g of worsted weight

I’m trying to find a cheap substitute for some 100% wool DK weight yarn. I thought I’d check out Knit Picks. Their cheaper Peruvian Highland wool doesn’t come in DK weight, so I had a look at the sport weight and the worsted weight to see which came closest to the yarn I’ve got that I’m trying to match.

Here’s where I got confused. Same content (100% Peruvian Highland Wool), same weight per ball (50g), but the sport weight has LESS yardage (103yds) than the worsted weight (110yds). How can this be? Is it all in the plying? I mean, sport should be significantly thinner than worsted (since DK is between them), right? And therefore the length should be significantly longer than the worsted.

Where am I going wrong here?

you’re right the sport weight should have much more yardage than the worsted.

what about this yarn?

Telemark is actually classed as a sport weight, not DK. Merino Style is labeled as a DK, but I found it about as thick as a lot of worsted I’ve come across. It has 123 yds per 50gms…

Thanks for the confirmation that I’m not crazy. Guess I’ll have to write Knit Picks to solve the mystery.

The Merino Style is nice, but too nice for my purposes. I think I’ll try to make do with yarn from my stash. Looking through it yesterday, I realized I had more DK wool than I thought. :thumbsup: