50 Shades of Grey

I recently ordered 50 Shades of Grey thinking that it was an awesome read as there has been quite a bit mentioned about it in the media lately. I didn’t realize what it was about until I began to read it. I knew there was some sex in it but didn’t realize that it was actually hard porn more than anything. Harlequin Romance with Porn is how I can describe it. I realize that until today I have never actually heard anyone describe it as a great book to read. I actually felt that it had a very predictable and unoriginal romance other than the porn. To me it was a complete waste of money and I am not interested in buying the other 2 books. Have any of you read it and if so what are your opinions?

I am glad you posted your opinion of the book as I was about to buy it after reading all the hype. There is quite enough porn in today’s world so that is one book I will not read. Thanks for your evaluation.

It is about BDSM so I think that is why it is getting so much attention. Mom’s are being portrayed as seeking out the book when I believe it is mostly a matter of women thinking because it is in the media it is a good book. I had no idea it was mostly sadomasochism. I think the writing is poor as well.

Thanks for the review. I’m uncomfortable reading books like that and find that it’s really not necessary to be that explicit. We aren’t idiots and can read between the lines about what’s happening just fine.

I read the Outlander Series and the first book had quite a bit of sex in it. It fit in with the storyline and I wouldn’t call it porn, but I think they could have left the details out at least in most of the encounters and shortened the book. I liked the book enough that I read it anyway (skipping over some of those parts) and finished the series so far. The other books weren’t nearly that explicit.

I have never heard of the Outlander Series, are they worth reading? I read The girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy and they had a terrible rape scene in the first book and some violence but the story was unlike any other I have read. The victim takes control of the situation though. If you can get past the violence and violation the story is quite unique.

I really enjoyed them, but I do know people who couldn’t get past the first one. It’s not the kind of book I usually read, but I read through the entire series one after the other on my Kindle. You can read info on Amazon and I’m sure the library has them.

There is more info when you go through the Amazon app for some reason. BTW, they are very long books! :zombie:

I’ve heard the books are badly written and I haven’t read them yet but I don’t think I’ll hold out much longer! I’m the type that needs to see what all the fuss is about for myself!

yes 50 Shades of Grey definitely is not written by a literary great! All the fuss seems to be about women running out to by the book when it is about sadomasochism. A lot of women from what I understand have been buying the book thinking that because it is in the media it is a good book but were not aware of what it was about until they started reading it. I have spoken to about 10 different people who have read it and have heard of only 2 that thought is was good. The sad thing is that some media is portraying this as though dozens and dozens of women want to read this book knowing exactly what it is about. Sadly a man wants to whip, spank,drop hot wax and restrain his virgin girlfriend. He wants her to be his submissive while he is the dominant. He wants to gag her as well. she has her limits though and will not consent to gagging, harsh whipping, vaginal or anal fisting. She does agree that she will not touch him nor look him in the eye when she is in “the room of pain” she also is not supposed to speak when she is spoken to. He spanks her with a belt because she rolled her eyes at him. He has a contract for her to sign (not legally binding) but it gives him a sense of possession. It is just a porn book.

Good god…that sounds horrible!! The books I was telling you about are NOTHING like that! :zombie:

Yes I think it is pretty bad. It bothers me that the media seems to be portraying as though women want to be treated like this or enjoy hearing of other women being treated this way. Sadly this untalented author just keeps raking in the money

Well I have read all 3 books and I basically think it just depends on how you want to view them. Some are saying they are badly written but I think the author did a good job or they wouldnt of printed them. I enjoyed them and my friend is wanting to read them also.
Yes they can get explicit but I believe it just depends on how you want to read them and percieve them. You can look at someone and judge them but until you live with them you really dont know what is going on in their minds and sometimes you never REALLY know what they are thinking or wanting to do.
I dont agree with this type of sexual style but as they say “To each their own” and if its between 2 consenting adults…
I enjoyed all 3 books and was kinda sad when the last book was over.
As you read them you start to understand what he went thru and how he basically came to be the way he is and with the help of this woman he learns to Love in a different way. Me personally I liked them and I guess you have to be comfortable with yourself in all ways.

My not liking the book has absolutely nothing to do with being uncomfortable with myself. It is just a porn book. The part about the love story is the same as many others in Harlequin. Rich guy with plain girl lavishly spends money on her. This is no different than men saying they buy Playboy for the articles. A woman allowing a man to speak coldly to her, spank her and not allowing her to speak unless she is spoken to is demeaning. It is sad to see woman actually supporting this book. As someone said in KP the marketing was genius.

Everyone has different tastes and interests so it’s good there’s books for everyone. :thumbsup:

Just because a book was published doesn’t mean it’s written well. I’ve read books that really weren’t well written and some of them were self published, some not. And it is personal perception sometimes…my daughter and I have disagreed with whether books were written well or not.:teehee:

I looooooove reading and I’ll pretty much buy anything I can get my hands on if it looks interesting enough. That being said, I went to my local book shop and 50 Shades of Grey was on display. Catchy book cover but I was in line so I didn’t want to hold anyone up. While waiting I skimmed the back synopsis and I was like "meh…I’ve read worse in a Twilight book. Why not?"
So I bought it on my Kindle later (I buy both reg books and kindle books - it’s a weird system that would take me awhile to describe the pathology of my idiosyncratic behavior).


I go home and start reading it on my Kindle. I start getting frustrated. I HATE THE TWILIGHT SERIES WITH A PASSION. I am sorry for those of you who are fans but I absolutely think that Stephanie Meyer butchered the written word with that horrible book series. This guy says it better than I ever could more succintly: http://theoatmeal.com/story/twilight

I posted to my FB - "If I find one more parallel between this book and the Twilight series, I’m deleting this 50 Shades book off my Kindle."
A friend: "Um, the author started that as a Twilight Fan Fiction and then turned it into a BDSM novel series."
Me: :doh: “great…”

I’m not shy about sex or anything…not a prude…but I think that people’s sex lives should stay in the bedroom and if you want to put sex in your story, it should ADD to the story, not take away from it, and it should be classy. There is a way to write sex that makes it beautiful, poetic, and makes the story come alive. Maybe that’s just me. If I wanted porn, I’d go to any sleezy internet site out there for free but I don’t want porn…I want a well-written story with a good plot and colorful characters. Is that so much to ask for? The Iron Druid series is good for that, btw. <— shameless plug for a good book series

I came across a really good article about 50 Shades awhile back and it’s from a lady that writes erotic stuff normally. Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak:

She has an obsession with this one actor I’ve never heard of but other than that, she writes a good blog posting about 50 Shades, which is all I really cared about.

Anyway, that’s my 2(hundred) cents on the matter. Have a great day, ladies and gents! :thumbsup:

AGREED! Their marketing director was fabulous…in a sinister, horrific way :slight_smile:

Thanks, E.L. James for setting women back 50 years with 50 shades.

I think you put into words what I was unable to. Great point here about sex adding to the story!

“As far as the quality of writing goes, yes, there is definitely better crafted stuff in the arena of fan fiction you can find online and for free that offers plenty of steam without making one squirm uncomfortably as you read about an innocent young woman being savagely beaten with a belt to give a man “pleasure” (that scene still makes me cringe) . . . this is still fanfiction with a questionable message masquerading as a mainstream novel. I love both; but they are two separate entities. And one more reason I cannot in good conscience recommend these books.”

A quote from the article supercaity recommended

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]hehe, very good books. couldn’t put them down til i finished. hope you enjoy![/COLOR]

I have a Kindle and I do the same thing. I will buy reg books if I know my husband will read them since we read some of the same kind of books.

Since you are on FB and have a Kindle you might like these pages. You can look them up on FB. Tons of books every day for free. I finally had to stop looking at them till I read some of what I have. :lol:
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I don’t have Kindle. I have NOOK. But I do the same thing. I download all this stuff when I haven’t even read what I have. Nook does have some great free ebooks. Some of them are from name authors like Agatha Christie just to whet your appetite so you’ll buy other books in their series. Some of them are self publishing authors that are very good.